Water Slide Lemukih - Lemukih natural water slide

Lemukih natural water slide
A natural water slide surrounded by waterfalls and jungles is something that can add unique experiences to your vacation. If you are in the northern part of Bali, visit the Buleleng Regency.
The majority of the Buleleng Regency's area consists of plains, hills, and mountains. This region boasts picturesque nature, featuring beautiful waterfalls, with the most popular and highest being the Sekumpul waterfall. Located nearby is the natural water slide of Lemukih.
The Lemukih natural water slide is a natural descent along slippery stones with a fairly strong water flow. The length of this slide is about 25 meters. Local residents may offer you a car tire as a reliable float to ride down the water slide.
You'll experience no less excitement than in a water park, and in fact, it can be even more thrilling. While sliding, you can enjoy the sounds of waterfalls and beautiful green landscapes.
This slide has been around for a long time and is used by local children for play. However, more and more tourists of different ages are enjoying the ride as well.
Near the slide, there are three waterfalls with very clear water. There is a reservoir under the waterfalls, large enough for bathing.
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