Two tourists deported from Bali for renting out property

Another visa violation case led to the deportation of two individuals from Bali. A pair of Australians entered Indonesia on a tourist visa, which is meant for leisure and travel within the country, not for engaging in real estate work.
Hendra, the head of the immigration department in the Singaraja region of Bali, revealed that the tourists, a 62-year-old man with the initials PNL and a 60-year-old woman PAL, were apprehended by intelligence and law enforcement officers during an operation monitoring immigration-related activities. They violated Article 75, Section 1 of Law No. 6 on immigration by renting out property. The couple was arrested, detained, and later deported. Hendra urged local residents to report cases of foreign citizens engaging in activities that violate existing laws and immigration rules, especially if their actions cause issues for the community. Deportations for illegal work and business activities occur regularly in Bali. While the situation appears relatively benign and less widespread than earlier in the year, it's crucial to remember that authorities may abruptly change their approach to address this issue more seriously in the future.
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