Tukad Chepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Bali. It mesmerizes everyone who enters its domain.
The sunlight falls on the sparkling waterfall, creating a rainbow. At the same time, you feel as though it is projecting directly onto you.
Streams of light and fresh cool water cascade from the sky.
Фото: @eyeofshe
Unlike any other waterfalls in Bali, Tukad Cepung doesn't flow into a river but gently streams down the cliffs.
The waterfall is located in the center of a high cliff with very clean water. Finding it is not easy, but once you notice it, you will be enchanted by it.
On the way to the waterfall, you may encounter a huge boulder. You can climb to its top and take some atmospheric photos.
During the rainy season, water collects in the cliffs, and the path to the waterfall may become flooded. Therefore, it's better to visit during the dry season.
If you arrive closer to noon, the sun will be directly above the cliffs, and you'll be able to admire the rainbow created by the sunlight reflecting off the water.
This magical experience of communing with Balinese nature will stay with you for a long time in your dreams.
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