Tegenungan waterfall in Gianyar, Bali

We offer you a life hack that will help meet your expectations and avoid conflicts with those you invite on a trip. This rule can be applied to any Balinese waterfall.
So, first, let's categorize Bali waterfalls into:
1. Wild:
Examples include Pengempu Waterfall. These waterfalls are hidden in the jungle, with few people around. If you're lucky, you might have the place all to yourselves. No entrance fees or parking charges. The plus side is the atmosphere, but the downside may be litter.
2. Ritualistic:
Waterfalls where you can participate in ceremonies. A beautiful example is Taman Beji Griya Waterfall. Entrance fee is 100K, and participation in the ritual is 300K.
3. Party Spots:
Waterfalls with nearby restaurants and parties. These are better suited for fun and shisha than seeking tranquility.
Before heading out, find out what the waterfall is like so that you don't end up expecting authenticity and get an Instagrammable spot with a queue for photos from 30 people.
Tegenungan is categorized as a party spot. It is located in the village of Kemenuh, 5 km from Ubud. The road is easy, but you need to descend stairs to reach the waterfall directly. In some places, there are benches for resting.
The waterfall is open to the public from 6:30 to 18:30
Entry price - 20K
Price for parking cars and bikes - 3K
If you go higher up to the Bumbu Asli cafe, you can find the most beautiful photo spot in the shape of a heart.
Near the waterfall there is a minimalist donut shop and a simple Bintang stall.
For another 10K donation, just before Tegenungan, you can take signs for photos. For example, “Happy wife Happy life.”
The waterfall itself is stormy, dense, gable and wide. In comparison, many of Bali's waterfalls seem like trickles. It flows into the Petana River, which is clearly visible from the glass bridge.
Due to rain, the river and waterfall can be muddy and the water flows fast. If there is no rain, then you can swim near it. On the other side of the river, you can climb up the stairs to the beginning of the waterfall, although you will have to pay another 20K for the climb.
The point of attraction on the territory of Tegenungan is the three-level Omma cafe.
On the first floor of Omma, there is an infinity pool overlooking a waterfall, a DJ booth, and sun loungers with a deposit for 4-8 people. On the second floor, there are places that do not require payment, and you can also use the pool. On the third floor, there are additional tables or yoga sessions take place.
The menu can be viewed at the link.
I personally enjoyed the service at Omma, so I didn't feel like I overpaid. For instance, on the first floor, a host greets you, asks for your name and email in the guest book. While you fill out the book, your name is relayed to the staff via a radio, and the next employee who escorts you to your table already addresses you by name. It looks cool in the moment. DJs play music from Friday to Sunday, and live performances start at 14:00. The cafe itself operates from 10:00 to 21:00.
Additional options available at Omma include:
- Swinging with a view of the waterfall.
- Watching Balinese dances on Fridays.
- Taking photos in national costumes.
- Helicopter rides.
- Hosting weddings.
You can reserve activities and poolside loungers by contacting them on WhatsApp at +62 812 6000 1282. If you plan to spend the whole day, you can also visit the glass bridge.
For example, I first walked along the glass bridge, then drove to the waterfall and had dinner at the Omma cafe. Had a great time! I want to come back here with friends on Saturday to dance to DJ music and swim in the infinity pool overlooking Tegenungan.
Which waterfalls do you like more: party waterfalls or wild ones?
Author of text : Elvina Kuznetsova
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