The Goa Rang Reng Waterfall is located in the Gianyar region of Bali.

The Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

The waterfall is located not far from Tibumana, Pengibul, to the east of Ubud. For reference with other waterfalls, it's about two kilometers upstream from Kanto Lampo. By the way, they are a bit similar to Kanto Lampo since both are cascading.
If you are clumsy or awkward, you might find it challenging. It's a place for those with good balance and a love for climbing.
A beautiful gorge leads to the waterfall. Its walls are adorned with tree roots and ferns. The descent takes about 5 minutes.
On the way, you will encounter three benches with water and snacks. There is also a toilet halfway.
Further on, comfortable concrete steps lead to the waterfall, and you can already catch a glimpse of it.
Before entering it, there is a spacious bamboo platform with shelves. There you can change and leave your belongings.  
You can also do this further down the steps to the left of the waterfall. From this platform, there is a good view of the entire waterfall.
Next are quite steep steps down, carved in stone. And every waterfall employee warns that it's very slippery here. This is absolutely true! Try, if possible, to step either only on dry stones, and on wet ones if they are strictly horizontal. The stones underwater are covered with some kind of slime and moss, making them very slippery.
How to entertain yourself at Goa Rang Reng? Let's explore some life hacks!
You can walk to the right of the waterfall, behind a large rock, go down into the water, and swim in the shallow lagoon.
You can also cross the river there on the soft sandy bottom and reach a small island with a bench.  
You can also, from the side where there is a sandy bottom, find a dry path up the cascade and climb to the very top. Don't attempt this if you have poor coordination or are not comfortable with climbing.
Right at the top, there will be a small pool where you can take a refreshing dip.
You can enter the water directly in front of the waterfall entrance, walk towards the streams, and sit under their powerful jets. Be cautious in this area as the bottom is made up of stone pebbles arranged in an unpredictable pattern.
You can also walk to the left side of the waterfall, where a rope is stretched along the rock. Holding onto the rope, you can climb to the second level of the waterfall.
Approximately halfway, there is a section where you can find horizontal surfaces and crawl under the water streams.
At the top, there is a view into the canyon from which the river flows. In terms of the shape of the rocks, it strongly resembles the Beji Guwang Canyon, but it is so small and narrow that you won't be able to get there.  
It is also important to walk on dry stones that do not slip at the top. There is a lagoon on the upper level where you can swim. Balinese locals, and those who have observed them, even jump into it from the rocks.
If you were bitten by Spider-Man in your childhood, you can, like Balinese guides, climb directly into the water flow towards the cascade on wet steps. But make sure you have health insurance, and the insurance contact number is saved in your phone because if you roll down the stone steps, it will be the worst water slide of your life.  
There seems to be an additional service at the waterfall - guided tours provided by Balinese guides. The cost of this service is unknown, but it is not forced upon visitors at the moment.
Guides come in different styles, some are more calm, while others are hyperactive. For instance, when I descended from the upper tier using the rope for the second time, a guide flew up to me and enthusiastically explained how to go: "Slower! Slower! Not here! There! Not that foot! Left!!!" Honestly, I wasn't nervous during this descent initially, but these shouts created some tension.
The canyon downstream is being cleaned by a Balinese person in a red shirt on the slope.
In general, it is a very pleasant place for people in good physical shape and those who do not like large crowds. At the waterfall, there are usually 4-8 people at the same time during the day. According to information from January 2020, around 60% of them are Russians, so you won't be bored.
As of January 2020, Goa Rang Reng waterfall is not very crowded, so it is recommended to visit.
There is a shower at the exit of the waterfall, but the water pressure is very weak.
The entrance fee for one adult is 15,000 rupiahs. Parking is free, spacious, and suitable for both motorcycles and cars.
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