Weekend itinerary: Trip to Kintamani.

A mini-trip with one overnight stay. We will depart from the southern part of the island to Kintamani through Ubud and the waterfall.
How to explore the diverse natural landscapes of Bali in just two days? Of course, embark on a journey by scooters along a simple and picturesque route. The entire trip takes place on good roads that are easy to navigate. The only thing is, if you find it difficult to ride a scooter for more than an hour, it might be physically demanding. If you're not an experienced rider, it's better for you to be a passenger.
The route will pass through Ubud, the craft capital, where you'll see hundreds of stalls with sculptures of different sizes along the road. Stop for a delicious breakfast and surely take a few photos for Instagram. Later, the navigator will guide you easily to the waterfall.
The route involves an overnight stay, and the key points on it are: Ubud - Tukad Cepung Waterfall - Lake and Mount Batur.
It's better to start before 9:30 in the morning to avoid getting too sunburned during the trip, and don't forget to apply SPF. The drive time to the first stop from Uluwatu, where we started, will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Jimbaran and Kuta, it's about 20-30 minutes less.
The first stop is Cafe Section 9.
An hour-long road trip can be a bit tiring, so Section 9 cleverly combines a delicious breakfast, cozy interior, and a convenient location for continuing the journey. It's the final stop before we turn onto the road that leads directly to the waterfall. Prices range from 45,000 to 55,000 IDR per item, with an average breakfast bill of 80,000 IDR. You can preview the menu in advance on Instagram @section9_ubud.
For those who enjoy sweet breakfasts, we recommend trying the tropical pancake – it's served with delicious gelato ice cream, or the summer smoothie bowl. There's a hearty continental breakfast option called the big breakfast, and for vegetarians, there's the Greek avocado toast. They also offer a kids' menu, but we haven't tried it.
The cafe consists of three zones: a terrace, large tables in the garden, and an air-conditioned indoor area for when the weather isn't conducive to outdoor dining.
Right from the cafe's parking lot, we turn right twice and head towards the waterfall. The route takes us through the surroundings of Ubud, where there might be traffic. Then, we pass through villages along a slightly winding road, so don't speed up too much.
The second stop is Tukad Cepung Waterfall.
The road to it from the cafe will take around 40 minutes with light traffic.
There's a spacious and convenient parking area for scooters and cars. Next to the parking lot, there's a good toilet available with a donation. The entrance fee to the waterfall is 15,000 IDR.
Perhaps, this is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls – the descent to it is comfortable and quick. The last few steps are quite high, but there are handrails you can rely on when going down and up. A stream forms from the waterfall, so your feet will definitely get wet, but it's not possible to fully swim here. Bring footwear designed for such water adventures; walking on sand and stones isn't very pleasant.
After a short descent and following the path along the river, you'll come to a fork. Turning left takes you to the Tukad Cepung Waterfall itself.
To approach it, you'll need to pass through a crevice between the rock and a boulder, so from a distance, you won't be able to see the waterfall right away. However, you'll certainly be amazed by being at the bottom of the canyon. The sunlight illuminates the rocks beautifully, but clear days aren't always guaranteed. By the way, there's a staircase near that very boulder, making it easy to climb up and take stunning photos. To the right, there's a stream and another small waterfall.
During the descent to the waterfall, there are several cafes where you can take photos, have a meal, or enjoy a coconut. The food is more traditional, starting from 50,000 IDR.
Dress warmly and let's head to Kintamani.
The journey to Kintamani on a good road through traditional villages and bamboo groves to the final point will take about an hour. The road is very scenic in some places, so forget about rushing and enjoy the ride, taking occasional glances to the sides.
The third stop is Kintamani Coffee - Eco Bike Coffee.
For visitors to the Kintamani region, there's an entrance fee of 50,000 IDR. For KITAS/KITAP holders, the cost is lower. Local guards will stop you at the road arch and ask about your destination. Don't be alarmed, it's a standard procedure. Payment is made in cash.
Excellent coffee, a breathtaking view of Mount Batur. A stop to admire the view and have a meal. Coffee enthusiasts will definitely enjoy it, as there are several varieties and filtered coffee options available. They offer good sandwiches and pasta as well.
They also rent mountain bikes here - inquire about the cost on-site.
Other places with good food and beautiful views:
El Lago
Instagram: @ellagobali
A Japanese restaurant serving delicious ramen. On the lower floor, you can find comfortable seating on sofas.
This is the place where you can take a photo of Bali that won't be associated with Bali and will add a bit of variety to your feed.
Delicious coffee and various sweet treats to accompany it.
AKASA Kintamani Coffee
In general, Kintamani is all about coffee, fresh air, and views of both Mount Batur and the lake. There are two types of weather here: the first is bright sunshine and stunning views, and the second is when clouds envelop the highlands, immersing you in a mysterious mist, which is quite captivating.
Where to stay overnight?
Accommodation options in Kintamani aren't as diverse as on the touristy western side of the island. It's cooler here, and you probably won't need an air conditioner, although it's provided in the rooms.
De Villas Kubu Sandan
Apartments with a kitchen, a bedroom with a balcony on the second floor, priced at 330,000 IDR with breakfast. The bedroom has an air conditioner, and there's hot water available at any time. The breakfast is Balinese-style, including a couple of slices of watermelon, toast, scrambled eggs, sausages, vegetables, and juice.
Batur Green Lake
A guesthouse with breakfast for 350,000 IDR. Air conditioning is available, and the breakfast is a classic Balinese spread: fruits, eggs, noodles or rice, and sweet tea.
Breezy Volcano
A separate small house with a bedroom, priced at 550,000 IDR. According to reviews, the place is cozy and comfortable for an overnight stay.
Batur View Homestay
A guesthouse with an ideal view of the volcano, priced at 430,000 IDR. This is the best option in the vicinity of Kedisan village.
All these options can be booked on Agoda, not all of them are available on Airbnb.
After checking in, you can take a stroll to the lake. There's a pathway leading directly to the water from this point, between vegetable beds. The locals usually react calmly to tourists and won't chase you away. This road connects villages along the lake's shore and is quite lively.
From here, you'll have a great view of the sunset and the lake. However, after sunset, mosquito clouds appear, so it's better not to wait until it gets dark.
This hike will surely leave a lasting impression. The ascent takes around 2-2.30 hours, in darkness and across volcanic terrain up a steep mountain, but it's definitely worth it for the views that gradually unfold as the sunrise approaches.
You can also visit the hot springs - 150,000 IDR per person.
Natural warm baths with a view of the volcano and the lake. There are several pools with different temperatures. Remember that their natural origin entails a sulfur smell, but it's not too overpowering here.
For fans of extreme outdoor activities, riding a motorcycle through volcanic fields will be quite appealing.
The return journey can be planned through Ubud, where you can visit the coziest homey eatery with good food at super affordable prices - Dewa Warung.
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The price for an avocado salad is 12,000 IDR, vegetarian curry is 25,000 IDR, and chicken wings are 30,000 IDR, served with rice. The menu suits both vegetarians and chicken lovers. And be sure to try the coconut pie. It's infused with love and a desire to provide gastronomic pleasure even to the most discerning tourist.
The journey back will be long, so take your time and enjoy the relaxed, homely Balinese atmosphere. Payment is accepted in cash only, without any additional taxes.
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