Top 10 Breakfast Places in Ungasan


+62 877-5974-3987
Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 10:30 PM
As you approach, you'll be greeted by a friendly young man who will kindly park your vehicle.
NOURISH is a cozy and stylish establishment with a diverse menu that includes gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.
For breakfast, they offer us a variety of options, including toast with eggs (prepared in any way) and a choice of fried tomatoes or mushrooms, avocado toast with feta and salad, burritos, corn pancakes, vegan eggs with avocado mash, onion jam, and spinach, pancakes with fruit, waffles with ice cream, and other items, which you can check out in the menu.
There's a wide selection of beverages: juices, cocktails, smoothies, kombucha, tea, and coffee. Desserts include carrot cake, brownies, banana pie, lemon tart, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and croissants.
All prices in the menu do not include government tax and service charge, which amount to an additional 16% on the bill.
The average bill for breakfast per person is around 120,000 Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR).
There are Google reviews mentioning that the staff seats customers at small tables, even when larger ones are available, and there have been occasional instances of long wait times for orders (though these are rare occurrences).
They offer their own delivery service through this link and also collaborate with other delivery services.

Fren'cha Bakery Ungasan

Phone: +62 877-5954-9108
Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
To park your vehicle, you will need to turn off the road. Fren'cha parking is located a few meters from the entrance and there is a sign, so you won't miss it.
A bakery with a charming interior, fresh pastries, and aromatic coffee.
A calm atmosphere indoors (there are air conditioners) and a cozy outdoor space (tables have been moved from the inner courtyard and placed near the entrance).
Breakfasts here are mainly for pastry lovers. Croissants, French toasts, bagels, sandwiches with various fillings. There are also paninis, pancakes, and a fruit salad with yogurt and granola. You can see the full menu below.
Desserts for every taste: éclairs with passion fruit filling, chocolate éclairs, mille-feuille, strawberry and chocolate cheesecakes, and more. They also have peanut butter, sourbucha, beer, and Gelato ice cream for sale.
All prices on the menu do not include the government tax and service charge, so there's an additional 16% on the bill.
For breakfast for one person (1 item + coffee), it will cost around 110k.
The establishment offers delivery, but people often encounter order cancellations through GoJek. Since they bake all their products in small batches due to high customer traffic, the staff sometimes can't keep up with updating the app's assortment.

Tarabelle (Donuts, Coffee Eats)

+62 819-2022-018
Opening hours: 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
There are parking spaces for motorcycles and cars in front of the entrance. If they are all occupied, a friendly parking attendant will assist you in parking your vehicle in the nearby additional parking area. For families with children, there is a playground outside. Tables are available both inside the establishment and outside.
Every morning, Tarabelle delights a large number of people with its breakfasts - it can be fully packed, and you may have to wait. The menu is quite diverse, catering to various taste preferences. They offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.
So, what do they offer? Farmer's omelet, bacon scramble, Eggs Benedict, burritos, avocado toast, pancakes, berry porridge, smoothie bowls, granola and yogurt bowls, fruit salad, matcha French toast. For beverages: hot/cold coffee (choice of milk), juices, milkshakes, smoothies, kombucha, coconut drinks.
You can check the menu by following this link: brunch or through the photos attached below.
They also offer indulgent treats like airy donuts, which are not available by lunchtime, carrot cake, chocolate, and more.
All prices on the menu do not include government tax and service charge, so there will be a +15% added to your bill.
The breakfast for one person (1 item + coffee) will cost around 86k.
Place an order via WhatsApp (they offer their own delivery within a 3 km radius).

Smoothie Shop

+62 813-3937-6694
Opening hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
There's parking available for bikes on the left side of the entrance, and you can try parking your car along the road.
Smoothie Shop is known for its delicious coffee, organic smoothies, juices, cocktails, vegan delicacies, healthy dishes, and fast Wi-Fi. The cafe welcomes a large number of guests in the mornings, so we recommend making a reservation at +62 813-3937-6694 (WhatsApp).
Tables and a bar counter are located outside amidst the greenery, so you'll always have a cool breeze around you. If you're not friends with mosquitoes, bring some insect repellent with you. They aren't abundant, but it's better to protect yourself.
There's a lot to savor for breakfast here. Those who enjoy porridge will find something to their liking: quinoa and oatmeal with caramelized apple, pumpkin porridge with fruits and caramel (gluten-free), oat-banana with nuts and berries.
Additionally, they offer chia pudding, a fruit bowl, French omelette with spinach, scrambled eggs, poached eggs with Dutch cheese and vegetables, tofu scrambled eggs (vegan), avocado toast, vegan buckwheat pancakes, burritos, sandwiches, falafel pita, cheesecakes, pancakes, and, of course, various original, delicious, and filling smoothie bowls. There's a refrigerator near the cashier with desserts. There, you can find chocolate brownies, Napoleon cake, carrot cake, and other pastries.
The average bill per person is around 95k. Only a 10% government tax is included in the bill; they do not charge a service fee. Therefore, the waitstaff will appreciate tips.
On the second floor, Shaffa GastroBasar has opened its establishment.
Now, half of the Smoothie Shop staff works there :) and the salmon avocado toast has also moved upstairs. They cook deliciously, and it's almost always fully seated. Here's the menu.
Breakfast here is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The average bill is 95k. To all menu prices, add +15%.


Opening hours: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
There's a parking space for motorcycles in front of the entrance, and for cars, you can park by turning off the road (near the field).
At ITUAJA, people come for breakfast for the softest cottage cheese pancakes, for pancakes with smoked salmon or mushrooms. In addition to these beloved dishes, there are delicious avocado toasts with eggs (scrambled, Benedict) / salmon and a big breakfast. You can see what it consists of and with other items in the photos below.
For lunch and dinner, you can order pasta, salmon steak, beef stroganoff. There's also a vinaigrette, Korean-style carrots.
And for dessert: Napoleon, lemon tart, carrot cake, honey cake, eclairs, pastries, cottage cheese pies, potato-shaped cakes, and other treats.
Prices are listed without a service charge, so there's an additional 5% on the bill.
The average check for breakfast per person with a cup of coffee (a very beautiful cup) is around 85k.


+62 811-3931-908
Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.
Parking is available.
Cool and welcoming staff, check.
Cozy space and delicious, beautiful food, check.
What else do you need for a pleasant start to your day?!
A bit more about what they prepare here and how much it costs.
You can start your morning with a bagel with avocado and salmon (65k) or with scrambled eggs with smoked sausages and vegetables, or with sweet pancakes (40k). You can also try cheesecakes, waffles (50k), croissants (40k). All of this will be available throughout the day.
The desserts here are delicious, just like all the other dishes. Take a look at the photos, maybe something will catch your eye. The average bill for dishes and a drink is around 80k/person.
Most of the guests are seated inside the establishment, but there are also a couple of outdoor seats available.

Le Petit Warung

+62 812-3627-5816
On Sundays, they operate from 8:00 to 14:00, and they are closed on Mondays. On other days, their working hours are from 8:30 to 21:00/21:30.
You can choose to sit in one of their two dining rooms or on the terrace.
Before 12:00, they offer a dish + drink at a very good price (from 50k to 79k), depending on the contents of the plate. This can include eggs prepared in any way, vegetables, and a slice of bread, perhaps with avocado/mozzarella cheese or with bacon/chicken/sausages.
Taxes and services are not included in the menu prices, so there's a +15% charge added to the bill.

Cafe Mia

+62 812-9122-2537
Open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM; they are closed on Mondays.
The café looks like a small hut with limited indoor seating, and there are no outdoor tables. Recently, there have been many mentions of this place in chats, and it has a Google Maps rating of 4.8. Guests primarily deducted points for waiter inattentiveness, but almost everyone mentions that the food is homely and delicious. Don't expect restaurant-level presentation, of course, but the chefs put care into decorating the plates. If it's full, it's a good idea to double-check that your order has been sent to the kitchen to avoid any morning mishaps. 
The owner often brings out the food himself or simply chats with you about something. These details and the café's interior contribute to a homely atmosphere. For breakfast, they serve waffles, burritos, avocado toasts, omelets in tortillas, and various egg dishes with toast and vegetables. They offer these dishes with a smoothie, and the cost of this offer is 50k. You can check out other items and prices in the photos.

Cuppa Espresso Bar

+62 812-8782-9591
Opening hours: 07:10 - 17:00.
There is parking available for motorcycles, but it's a bit more challenging with cars.
The name of the establishment speaks for itself - Espresso Bar. There are indeed few tables, but the space is very cozy, and there's a little dresser with water and board games. A very hospitable and pleasant gesture.
As for breakfast: 2 eggs, sausages, bacon, avocado, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, beans, toast with butter and jam will cost you 78k. There are reviews that this dish can be dry due to the absence of sauce, and not everyone enjoys it due to the combination of ingredients. Therefore, we recommend reading the description carefully before ordering. Avocado toast with egg (cooked to your preference) and with mushrooms will cost 48k. Fish patty with french fries, salad, and greens - 65k. Smoothie bowl - 53k. You can check out the rest of the items in the photos, and also pay attention to the promotions.
They offer baked goods and delicious coffee, which you can not only enjoy in the establishment but also purchase as whole beans or ground coffee.

Winter cafe

+62 812-3924-3595
Opening hours: 8:00 - 21:00.
This small cozy establishment is located across from Nirmala Ungasan. It doesn't have its own parking, but you can try leaving your bikes and cars near the store.
They serve delicious coffee and have a display case of desserts. A cappuccino will cost you 27k, and a carrot cake is priced at 35k.
You won't find typical breakfasts here, but they offer an avocado toast with beetroot hummus and mushrooms for 47k, a croissant with salmon and ricotta for 60k, and ciabatta with tuna/Australian beef/ham for 60k/65k/47k. You can add eggs/potato fries for an additional fee (10k).
They also prepare tasty smoothie bowls for 47k and a fruit salad with yogurt and granola for 35k.
The staff is always friendly and welcoming, making you want to come back again and again.
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