The Most Recommended Restaurants in Seminyak

Seminyak district is an excellent combination of beach relaxation, high-class restaurants with exquisite cuisine, designer boutiques, and cultural events. It also offers stunning sunsets and endless opportunities to enjoy the ocean.
This selection gathers the most popular and trendy restaurants in this area where you can have a great time with friends, go on a date, or simply diversify your culinary experiences with European, Indonesian, and other famous world cuisines.
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Merah Putih

A restaurant with modern and elegant design, offering traditional and contemporary Indonesian cuisine.
Located in Seminyak, it's among the best restaurants in Bali. Merah Putih translates to "red-white" (Indonesian flag). The menu is divided into two sections, each offering a different experience of Indonesian cuisine. Traditional dishes are served family-style, while the contemporary section offers creative solutions by the chef and his team, experimenting with local spices and ingredients from across the archipelago. The restaurant's interior resembles a classic brasserie: a large hall with artificial lighting and natural motifs, sunny during the day and atmospherically lit at night, creating a grand yet romantic atmosphere. While waiting for your table, you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar located at the entrance to the restaurant.


Mauri restaurant has quickly become a must-visit spot thanks to its excellent modern Italian cuisine prepared by chef and owner Maurizio Bombini, excellent selection of wines and cocktails, and relaxing, intimate atmosphere. The calm interior in the style of Puglia with its eternal beauty, picturesque views, and luxurious space will create the perfect atmosphere for your perfect dinner. The restaurant accommodates up to 40 seats on the first floor overlooking the live kitchen and cozy seating for private tastings for 5 seats on the second floor. The food in Puglia is based on the use of fresh and mostly local products. It is the quintessence of Mediterranean cuisine, using seasonal and local products.
For this purpose, MAURI strives to incorporate as many homemade ingredients as possible and select the highest quality of local food in collaboration with Balinese farmers.
MAURI is open for dinner from Monday to Sunday, and for lunch from Friday to Sunday.


Want to take a different look at Indonesian cuisine? Discover a kaleidoscope of new flavors and textures at Sangsaka! A modern Indonesian cuisine restaurant. An exquisite and elegant place, yet very simple, with an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Recently, the restaurant has expanded to the second floor, now looking more grand with an additional seating area for guests. Sangsaka offers creative interpretations of traditional Indonesian dishes using the best seasonal and local ingredients from across the archipelago. Chef Kieran Morland is constantly in search of traditional recipes that he converts into his culinary masterpieces in a new way. The menu changes weekly depending on the products and ingredients available in the market. There are appetizers and main courses. If you're unsure what to choose, the author's recommendation is Pangsit Laksa - a clam bisque with dumplings filled with shrimp and scallops. It's insanely delicious!
Babi Siobak Singaraja - pork brisket, red cabbage, and fried rice.
Also, Mie Usang - lobster, mollusks, noodles with turmeric and chili pepper.
The clientele in the restaurant is the most diverse, ranging from Jakarta residents, Australians, and Chinese to Europeans.
The most delicious Espresso Martini on the island!


An elegant and modern restaurant with a limited number of seats. A diverse menu of high-quality Japanese traditional and contemporary cuisine.
The charm of this restaurant lies in its cozy and intimate atmosphere, with only two separate tables and a small sushi bar - an elongated bar counter where chefs prepare sushi right before your eyes. The atmosphere is authentically Japanese, as if you could look out the window and see Mount Fuji, all while enjoying the modern interior with stylish details. In the evening, it's romantic!
The restaurant is located on the second floor, accessed by stairs.

Samesa Seminyak

The most atypical Italian restaurant in Bali!
When a regular dinner just doesn't cut it and you want to try something unusual, this is the place to go! Sa’Mesa is an innovative Italian restaurant where guests gather around one table to experience a true culinary adventure, with the chef personally managing the open kitchen. Throughout the evening, guests are treated to 15-20 surprise dishes in a sharing style (yes, strangers sit together at one table and dine together). This is the concept of the restaurant. But when they leave, everyone already knows each other! After all, the chef treats his guests to unlimited homemade limoncello all evening. And although the menu changes almost every day, some dishes remain the highlight of every dinner. Tuna crudo, grilled red snapper, and homemade risotto with mushrooms. And to top off such a vibrant evening, Sa’Mesa also offers excellent wines and signature cocktails. The first restaurant was opened in Canggu.


A restaurant at the Alila hotel. Seafood cuisine with a Japanese twist.
The uniqueness of the restaurant lies not only in its location, the magnificent view of the ocean, and the sunset, but also in its ecological sustainability. Seafood at SeaSalt is sustainably sourced from the wild waters of Indonesia. The restaurant collaborates with a local social enterprise that provides high-quality seafood, harvested in accordance with the principles of eco-fishing. Dishes are seasoned with traditional organic sea salt from Kusamba on the east coast of Bali, where a small community of salt farmers continues the centuries-old tradition of producing 100% natural salt using solar and wind evaporation. SeaSalt strives to incorporate eco-friendliness in all aspects, with a zero-waste concept behind the bar, ingredient recycling, and reuse that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Minimization of plastic use and utilization of local resources. The interior of the restaurant is done in calm tones, creating a cozy, pleasant atmosphere. You can sit either on the terrace and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or inside in a cooler setting. On Sundays, they host the famous Seafood Brunch with live music, and after brunch, you can jump into the pool and enjoy the sunset right from it.


Dome is a cozy restaurant and bar with natural wines, a center of culinary art and creativity, a space where food, wine, music, and art intertwine.
Dome is one of the restaurants in Potato Head. It's a new restaurant, quite successful, with an interesting concept and space-age design.
The designer was inspired by the house of the famous architect, futurist, and godfather of the green movement, Buckminster Fuller.
Teak seats, space-blue floors, and steel countertops blend under the concave earthen structure. The atmosphere is a contrast of retro-futurism, a vintage space.
The restaurant's concept emphasizes "naturalness," using local products in both food and drinks. Food is served in the form of small bites.
Octopus croquettes with aioli, beef tartare and oysters, tomato salad with watermelon kimchi and local berries, squid ink pasta in chicken broth.
The drink list at Dome responds to the growing popularity of natural wines. There is an impressive variety, sparkling, white, orange, pink, red, and sweet natural wines - labeled for connoisseurs, considering their specific preferences, be it biodynamic, organic, or pet-nat, etc.
A good selection is also available by the glass. Cocktails and mocktails also focus on local products, using high-quality liqueurs and wines produced in Bali, as well as local fruits and ingredients to add flavor and richness.
After dinner, you can check out the new club at Potato Head Klymax Discotheque.


Refined Asian fusion cuisine with intoxicating cocktails and wine.
MamaSan - an unwavering giant in Seminyak, opened its doors in 2010, a favorite spot for gourmets looking to enjoy the authentic flavors of Asia in a modern, stylish space.
When you enter this two-level restaurant, the iconic portrait of an Asian girl on the entire wall immediately catches your eye. It's already a symbol of MamaSan. The retro-vintage concept - soft green sofas, dark wood walls, lots of mirrors, large crystal chandeliers.
Last year, MamaSan expanded significantly, opening a Super Club on the second floor for luxurious group dinners and whiskey-digestive gatherings until the early hours. This cozy spot welcomes exclusive events and private parties. Collaborations with famous chefs or musical groups are not uncommon in the lounge.
What to try:
Peking duck with green mango, carrots, shrimp, cilantro, and nuoc cham sauce;
Dim Sum - about 12 different pieces;
Crispy pork with garlic and green pepper;
Soup with chicken eggs with duck, pork, and shrimp dumplings, and soy sprouts.


Sardine by K-Club is a seafood restaurant in casual fine dining style with a view of the rice field.
The restaurant itself is outdoors under a huge bamboo roof. Perhaps one of the few restaurants with a panoramic view of the rice field left in Seminyak. A DJ plays here, playing calm but invigorating music, but you can still enjoy pleasant conversation over food.
Every Wednesday from 12:00 to 16:00 at Sardines, there is unlimited pasta and desserts.
Tagliatelle with truffle cream, rigatoni bolognese with braised beef and creamy burrata, gnocchi with creamy pumpkin sauce, and many other dishes.
Favorites on the menu:
Lobster soup;
Lobster ravioli;
Grilled octopus;
Lobster pasta;
After dinner, you can visit their secret bar Les Toilettes, where they have daily events with different DJs.

The Plantation Grill - Seminyak

Steak House in the style of the 1920s.
Plantation Grill restaurant is a luxury of the twenties with marble finishes, vaulted two-story ceilings, and huge glass windows overlooking the ocean. Beautiful spiral staircase leading to the second floor lounge area with stunning views. Simply chic and glamorous! The restaurant specializes in grilled steaks, exclusively sourced and imported, cooked on charcoal and wood-fired grills and ovens.
In addition to the main dining area, guests can also sit at the bar, where there is a separate bar menu with dishes made from fresh local seafood, hand-cut potato fries, minute steaks, and burgers.
Right above the spiral staircase is the SLING BAR, an intimate space with a "Great Gatsby meets Hemingway" atmosphere. Guests can enjoy "prohibition-style" cocktails until late at night. Sling Bar also has a secret door leading to a secluded room for special events.
Monday through Thursday and Sunday, a saxophonist plays from 19:00-22:00.
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the same time, a singer performs. Smart-casual attire is recommended.
For men, if you happen to come to this restaurant in a tank top, just ask the hostess and they will dress you. S - Service.

HUGE Restaurant

Exquisite cuisine, interior, and quality service will transport you from the island of Bali to the atmosphere of the best restaurants in world capitals.
You will find signature dishes of seafood, European and Japanese cuisine, signature cocktails, and smoky hookahs; as well as evenings of live music and dancing. Put on your most beautiful attire!

Kilo Seminyak

A conceptual restaurant with fusion cuisine and signature cocktails. 
Modern minimalist design - bare concrete walls, eclectic mix of furniture, minimal decor. Soft lighting creates a relaxing, soothing atmosphere and sets the mood for a leisurely introduction to the cuisine. Asian fusion cuisine with Italian and South American elements.

Breeze at The Samaya Seminyak

The restaurant is located in the Samaya Seminyak Bali resort hotel on the first line. Here you can sit at a table listening to the sound of the waves. The menu changes depending on the season. The emphasis is on seafood - crabs, shrimps, octopuses, lobsters. There are also salads, soups, and even pizza. The menu features many dishes with local Indonesian flavor. The most interesting ones are duck in coconut milk and giant river prawns with vegetables and coconut flesh.
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