The international air show will take place in Bali in September 2024

Great news for aviation enthusiasts! Next year, from September 18 to 22, an international air show will be held in Bali. This event marks Indonesia's first in 28 years, since 1996. Andy Wismarsia, one of the organizers, stated, "The International Air Show in Bali will take place in September 2024 in collaboration with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Investment Coordinating Board. We are confident that 2024 will be the year when the exhibition goes well and becomes a milestone for the first air show after nearly 28 years of absence. We also hope that the international air show in Bali will provide foreign players in the aviation business an opportunity to see the potential of the Indonesian aviation industry and encourage them to invest in it."
The Bali International Air Show will showcase representatives from aerospace, aviation, technology, and defense industries. Numerous new aircraft, helicopters, and aviation developments from various countries will be featured, with 300 participants from 35 states already confirming their participation. The specific equipment and names are yet to be disclosed, but many machines will be demonstrated in flight. Additionally, expect impressive aerobatic performances to add excitement to the show.
Preparations are underway, with auxiliary facilities being constructed in Bali. This includes building hangars and preparing the southern apron of Bali's airport as the event venue. The show already has its own website. The General Manager of Bali Airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Handi Heruyadiawan, assured that civil aviation flights will operate as usual during the show. Airport management systems will be optimized to ensure seamless operations for both the event and the airport.
"We will ensure that the event does not disrupt flight operations. This will be a great opportunity to showcase Indonesia to the world. Of course, it's a good advertising opportunity and something we can all be proud of," concluded Handi.
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