The fire at the Suwung landfill in Bali has finally been extinguished

Photo: Tribun-Bali
The state of emergency, which was declared at the Suwung landfill near Sanur, has been lifted. Mayor Gusti Ngurah Jayanegara announced that the situation at the landfill is now normal, and the fire has been completely extinguished. However, one rescue vehicle remains on standby at the site to promptly respond if the fire reignites. Additionally, there are two water tankers that can be useful.
A major fire started at the landfill on October 12 due to severe drought. Smoke and an unpleasant odor had been disturbing residents of Sanur and nearby areas for about a month. Local experts built containment lines between trash blocks to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas.
Photo: Bali Viral News
Various agencies, including health authorities and volunteers, participated in extinguishing the large fire. Helicopters were used to drop water. The mayor expressed gratitude to all involved agencies during a final meeting. The landfill is now operating under normal conditions.
Unfortunately, there are some consequences of this emergency situation that local authorities will have to deal with. Due to the Suwung landfill fire, the amount of waste in the Denpasar River has increased by an average of 20 kilograms.
Photo: Dok. Dinas PUPR Kota Denpasar
This was calculated using waste nets installed in the river to capture debris. While the exact amount of waste caught before the fire is not specified, now 21 nets capture 127 kilograms of waste per day. The most common items include plastic bottles, styrofoam, pillows, and mattresses.
Local experts believe that during the fire, people faced difficulties in disposing of accumulated waste in their homes. However, the return of the Suwung landfill to normal operation is unlikely to solve the problem entirely. Not all Bali residents are aware of the environmental damage caused when they dispose of waste in rivers.
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