The Edelweiss Garden in Bali (Taman Edelweis Bali)

Photo: @alya_s
Talking about Bali, we more often imagine tropical vegetation - palm trees, cacti, exotic fruits.
And a big surprise for a tourist can be the mention of an edelweiss park. Even more surprising are entire fields of edelweiss.
Photo: @ratihdhamma
In Bali, there is an "Edelweiss Park." And, of course, recognizing the current tourists' love for Instagram, its creators organized the space so that it is convenient and pleasant to take photos and selfies.
If you love photo spots, you will enjoy swings, a windmill, frames, gazebos, a wooden bridge, and other decorations.
Photo: @ferinadia
Let's reveal the secret. In reality, the flowers that grow in the park are not real edelweiss.
This type of flower in Indonesia is called "kasna." However, if you don't look closely and aren't a botany expert, you might not notice or choose to ignore it.  
this is a Balinese "edelweiss"; photo: travel kompass
These flowers, kasna, are used by the Balinese for religious ceremonies.
The view of plantations of white flowers, as if dusted with snow, against the backdrop of Bali's typically green vegetation, is truly impressive.  
Photo: @gek_namie
"The Edelweiss Park" is located in Karangasem, in the village of Temukus, near the main and highest mountain on the island - Mount Agung.
Due to its high-altitude location, it is cool here, which is a plus, but there are often mists. However, if you need a mystical and mysterious atmosphere for your photos, this feature will delight you.
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