The criticism from the travel blogger has alarmed the police and authorities in Bali

Bali police continue to tirelessly hunt down numerous TikTokers, influencers, and content creators who come to the Island of the Gods and behave inappropriately. This time, British travel blogger Corrin drew particular attention from the authorities. A regular TikTok user with an average view count of 2,000 suddenly gained 711,000 views on her video. She shared her negative opinion about Bali, and the video went viral.
Photo: tiktok
Corrin faced some inconveniences on Bali, which she detailed in her posts. One of them was related to traffic issues, where she struggled to cross a busy road since, unlike England, in Bali, you might not wait for a moment to be let through at a pedestrian crossing. The second post focused on Kuta Beach, where the blogger found trash. She expressed her disgust, stating that Bali, unfortunately, didn't leave the best impressions on her. In general, the island didn't welcome her.
After Corrin's video went viral, Bali's Tourism Task Force, a police unit created last year to combat inappropriate behavior by tourists violating cultural traditions on the island, took action. The head of Bali's Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, stated that they received information on this matter. "We are conducting an investigation to ensure that everything corresponds to reality, as each specific case is different. If everything is as described to us, we will coordinate our actions with the immigration service," said the official.
Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, Acting Bali Governor Sang Made Mahendra Jay and Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta visited the Kuta area to see firsthand what had upset the British blogger. After the beach visit, Mahendra Jay confessed, "After walking around the area, I got the impression that what was originally a well-organized place now looks dirty, with many empty, damaged stalls and piles of garbage." He added, "To prevent this place from appearing dirty, we will continue to joint efforts to maintain safety and order, so that Kuta remains a favorite tourist destination."
Authorities also noted that during the rainy season, a powerful wave of plastic waste and garbage often comes from nearby Indonesian islands. The trash, it seems, is "imported." Nevertheless, it still needs to be cleaned up, and cleaning campaigns are held regularly. The latest one, for example, took place on January 26, as reported by the head of Bali's tourism service, Tjok Bagus Pemayun.
Well, perhaps, in this unconventional way, Corrin will contribute to making Bali's beaches cleaner. Currently, she is in Thailand, having evaded justice this time, and it's unlikely that Balinese authorities will manage to deport her.
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