The busiest intersection in Canggu will become one-way: the new traffic scheme on Berawa has been revealed

The nightmare of all Canggu residents—the infamous spike-shaped intersection on Berawa, futilely regulated by the police, may soon come to an end. Local authorities plan to address the issue drastically.
A new through-road segment, 332 meters long and 8 meters wide, has been under construction for several weeks, with the promise of completion by the end of December. Essentially, they will extend Jalan Raya Canggu straight through the intersection (when traveling from Kerobokan towards Tanah Lot). To navigate the intersection, there will be no need to turn right and then left. Additionally, the traffic will become one-way. The shortcut back to Jalan Raya Canggu will connect to Jalan Bypass Tanah Lot.
In the opposite direction (from Tanah Lot to Kerobokan), traffic will follow the old route. Here, too, the movement will be one-way. Moreover, vehicles will be prohibited from turning right at the intersection when coming from Berawa, Dalung, and Kerobokan. This way, the flows will no longer intersect, helping to alleviate traffic jams.
This scheme with the "duplicator" of Jalan Raya Canggu was published a year ago. On it, the length of the new segment was 400 meters, and the width was 8 meters. In reality, it turned out to be slightly smaller.
Throughout this time, there were negotiations and settlements with property owners. Bandung's Deputy Coordinator for Road and Bridge Construction, I Putu Teddy Vidnyana Putra, admitted that land acquisition was challenging. Authorities had to demolish several residential and commercial buildings with a total area of 2623.37 square meters.
"Thirteen land plots were affected. We managed to overcome disagreements with their owners. All this would have been impossible without the support of community leaders in the Tibubeneng and Kerobokan villages. The coordinated efforts of the government, from the head of environmental protection to the district head, allow us to say that this project will be implemented!"
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