The best pastry shops in Bali

Bali has many wonderful restaurants, beaches, clubs, amazing rooftop bars, but what do you think about patisseries? Do you want to try mind-blowing desserts and beautiful cakes?
We bring to your attention a list of the 7 best pastry shops that are worth visiting during your trip to Bali.
1. Pod Chocolate Shop & Café
Do you like chocolate? Pod uses only high-quality cocoa from beans grown in the mountainous region of central Bali. They produce high-quality handmade organic chocolate and also have a noble mission - to support local farmers.
This is one of those places where you can enjoy truly delicious chocolate. The chocolate boutique factory is located in the highlands of Petang. On its premises, there is a cafe where you can try delicious chocolate bars, as well as salted caramel and ice cream.
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2. The Harvest Cakes
At The Harvest Cakes, there is an ultra-luxurious interior and a wide selection of high-quality pastry products. It's no wonder that after opening the first store in Jakarta in 2004, this brand gained wide popularity in Indonesia. A small chain of cute pastry shops opened in Kuta ten years later.
As a result, their homemade pastries, chocolate, ice cream, bread, and cakes are in high demand. Naturally, they offer simply stunning desserts here: chocolate, mango tiramisu, creme brulee, pancakes, panna cotta, and many more.
You can order hot and cold coffee and tea, as well as various delicacies, frozen green tea, coffee, caramel cappuccino, and mochaccino. If you're on a diet, it's dangerous to visit The Harvest Cakes. But you absolutely must visit this cafe, sit with friends, and try all the desserts!
3. Biku Restaurant Seminyak
Biku combines a unique blend of a tea house, restaurant, antique shop, and bookstore. The restaurant owners drew inspiration from Indonesia's unique culture when designing the interior, creating a mix of the past with a touch of modernity. Located in Seminyak, Biku used to be an antique shop but was transformed into a restaurant.
Biku's menu is best described as "tropical wholesome food." They serve dishes from Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, using only the finest ingredients.
After enjoying lunch or dinner, don't forget to save room for dessert. Biku offers a wide selection of delicious homemade cakes, pies, and other treats that change daily.
Their traditional afternoon tea includes delightful sandwiches, scones with jam and fresh whipped cream, as well as a large selection of sweet treats.
4. Gardin Bistro & Pattisserie
Located in Seminyak, Gardin Bistro & Pattisserie is a very "down-to-earth" establishment. In the center of the restaurant, there is a closed showcase with cakes and desserts. Concrete floors contrast with old stained glass windows, floral coffee tables, and sofas set a relaxed tone. It feels like dining in a magical garden.
In addition to cakes served throughout the day, the menu includes sandwiches and salads.
In the evening, the beautiful blossoming garden transforms into an open-air starlit garden.
5. Room4Dessert
Renowned chef Goldfarb, who previously worked at Ku De Ta Bali, is now creating his masterpieces at Room4Dessert. Therefore, gourmets can now indulge in the desserts of this great master in Ubud. The talented pastry chef was once a notable figure on the culinary scene in New York before moving to Bali in 2008.
Since then, in his restaurant, he has been creating exotic desserts. Using local products and fruits grown in Bali for his masterpieces: rambutans, coconuts, palm sugar, and many others.
6. Caramel Patisserie Ubud
This establishment presents high-quality pastry products created by the duo Jessica Lestariana and Hermawan Tanjung. The menu features excellent coffee: traditional French, Vietnamese drip with milk, as well as fresh fruit juices.
The miniature shop includes two levels with cakes, stunning meringues, strawberry tartlets, and chocolate pastries with jelly and shiny glaze! It's very difficult to resist trying at least a couple of pastries.
7. Bali Bakery
The relaxed and calm atmosphere is perfect for quickly grabbing a bite if you're hungry or simply relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee. Their menu offers delicious and hearty baked goods, pastries, and cakes. They have everything to satisfy any taste. Come in and see for yourself; we know you'll love it because this bakery is more than just a bakery.
Bali Bakery has become the most popular bakery among locals and foreigners.
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