Teletubbies Hills on the island of Nusa Penida

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These hills really do look like something out of Teletubbies.
Visiting this place can be combined with a trip to Atuh Beach. If you are heading to or returning from Atuh Beach, you just need to turn off the main road and drive half a kilometer to a kilometer to the viewpoint.
There is a viewpoint called "Teletubbies Hills" marked on Google Maps. However, before reaching it, there are a couple of nice spots where you can stop and take photos of this natural wonder. For example, there's another good viewpoint.
The hills are emerald green and look particularly impressive in cloudy weather when clouds shade some hills while the sun illuminates others.
The road from the turnoff to the viewpoint is gravel with rocks, so passengers may experience some bumps. However, it's a short stretch and, importantly, the rocky road is relatively flat. So, if you drive slowly, it should be safe.
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