Telephone codes for mobile operators in Bali

In Bali, there are quite a few mobile operators: Telkomsel (Simpati), XL, Indosat, Tri.
Let's look at the phone codes for the most popular ones.
Activation and Registration
All SIM cards need to be registered (personal details entered) after purchase. In most cases, when buying a SIM card, the seller will register it for you. You just need to ask them to complete the registration.
Mobile Applications
All operators have mobile applications for managing your balance, subscribing to packages, etc. Doing all these things through the apps is very simple and convenient. You don't need to remember a bunch of codes. Make sure to download and activate the app right after purchasing and activating your SIM card.
Phone Number Format
Indonesian mobile phone numbers are typically written in two formats.
Either it starts with 08, for example, 081 245 555 555, or it starts with +62 8, for example, +62 81 245 555 555. Thus, you can interchangeably use 08 at the beginning of the number with +62 8, and vice versa.
Landline numbers are often written in a six-digit format. For example, 245 555. To dial this number in international format, you need to enter +62 361 (Denpasar area code) 245 555.
Area codes for landline numbers:
- Denpasar, Badung, Tabanan, and Gianyar - 361
- Singaraja - 362
- Amlapura - 363
- Negara - 365
- Bangli - 366
- Baturiti - 368
Deactivation and validity period of SIM cards of Indonesian operators
Your SIM card will be deactivated after 6 months of inactivity. Most likely, you can restore the number by visiting the operator's office with proper identification. Naturally, the SIM card should have been previously registered with the operator in your name.
Each operator has a "validity period," which is the duration during which your balance will be active. This date is usually displayed in the main menu. When this period expires, you need to either top up your balance (or extend the active period) or the SIM card will stop working on the network.
If you want your SIM card to remain active, you need to periodically top it up or extend the active period. Different amounts will extend its validity for different durations – refer to the information above for each operator.
Telkomsel Simpati
To check your number: *808#
To check balance and expiration date: *888#
For remaining internet data and bonuses: *889#
It's important to monitor your internet data balance if you use mobile data. When your prepaid package expires, the cost of internet data increases!
To transfer money to another number: *858* recipient's number starting with 0*amount# You can transfer a minimum of 10,000 rupiahs, and there is a commission of 1,000 rupiahs. The remaining balance cannot be less than 10,000 rupiahs.
To subscribe to an internet package on Telkomsel Simpati:
Dial *363#, then either choose the Flash package directly or select "Flash Lainnya" (Other Flash).
Proceed to choose the duration (Harian - daily, Mingguan - weekly, Bulanan - monthly) and then select the data volume.
Confirm by selecting 1. Ya - to subscribe to the package.
You will receive an SMS confirmation from the number 3636, reply to it with FLASH YA to activate the package. Verify the activation by dialing *889#.
To unsubscribe or deactivate the package:
Send a message "FLASH OFF" to the number 3636.
To extend the active period of your SIM card on Telkomsel Simpati, you can do so by topping up your balance with the following amounts:
- Rp 5,000 extends the active period by 7 days.
- Rp 10,000 extends the active period by 15 days.
- Rp 15,000 extends the active period by 20 days.
- Rp 20,000 extends the active period by 30 days.
- Rp 25,000 extends the active period by 30 days.
- Rp 50,000 extends the active period by 45 days.
- Rp 100,000 extends the active period by 60 days.
- Rp 150,000 extends the active period by 120 days.
- Rp 200,000 extends the active period by 150 days.
- Rp 300,000 extends the active period by 180 days.
Make sure to top up with the corresponding amount to achieve the desired extension of the active period.
To extend the active period of your simPATI SIM card, you can use the following methods:
1. Purchase Extension Directly:
- Dial *999#.
- Select option 5 for "Info simPATI."
- Choose option 5 for "Multi SIM Control."
- Select option 2 for "TRANSFER PULSA dan MASA AKTIF."
- Choose option 2 for "Masa Aktif."
- Choose the desired period:
- For 7 days, enter 1 (7 hari) for 5,000 Rupiah.
- For 30 days, enter 2 (30 hari) for 15,000 Rupiah.
2. TCash Service:
- Dial *828# for the TCash service.
- Select "transfer cash" and enter the desired amount to transfer to your TCash electronic wallet.
- Once your TCash wallet is loaded, you can use it to pay for various services, including extending your simPATI active period.
3. Cheap International Calls:
- For inexpensive international calls, use the code 01017 or 007 before dialing the international number.
These methods will help you extend your active period and manage your simPATI SIM card effectively.
XL Axiata:
Single number: *123#
XL has a single number for everything: *123# - it will immediately show your balance and menu.
There will be an extensive menu with the main important items:
Show your number: *123*7*1*2*1*1#
Remaining traffic for Internet packages: *123*7*5# then select the number of the connected package.
Connect the package: *123*3# then select the package itself and the validity period (Harian - daily, Mingguan - weekly, Bulanan - monthly). Lanjut - confirmation, Kembali - return.
Transfer money to another XL number:
You can do this by sending an SMS to number 168 in the format BAGI number amount or via *123# mPulsa -> Bagi Pulsa
With XL you can connect several packages at once. And if you run out of one, you can immediately connect another one even before the end of the previous one.
SIM card validity extension: *123# 6 (mPulsa) 4 (Perpanjang Masa Aktif)
Cost: 1k = 2 days, 3k = 7 days, 10k = 30 days, 25k = 90 days.
This is convenient if you are going somewhere for a long time. When you top up your balance, the active period is also extended.
You can also conveniently renew through the mobile application
Emergency account top-up, if the SIM card has been inactive for more than 60 days:
This might be useful for someone if the balance is 0, but there's an urgent need to make a call.
1) Dial the key combination *123*9110# and press the send key.
2) You'll receive a notification about the emergency account top-up request.
3) Press the number 1 (to confirm the action) and press the send key.
4) An instant top-up of 5,000 Rp will be added to the empty account.
However, it's worth noting that during the subsequent top-up, 6,500 Rp will be deducted, but this is insignificant.
Cheap international calls: 01000
This code works only for calls. There are no options for sending SMS messages abroad at a lower cost.
Balance check: *555#
Connection of Internet packages: *123# and *363#
Show your number: *123*30#
Internet package balance: SMS "usage" to number 363
Transfer money to another account: *123*7*2*3# or
by sending SMS to number 151 of the form: Transferpulsa 08151234567 5000
In response, you will receive an SMS with a token and you need to send it to 151: OK token
Cheap calls abroad: 01016
This code only works for calls. There is no option for cheap sending of SMS messages abroad.
Status, balance, expiration date, replenishment: *111# menu:
Connecting Internet packages: *123#
Application for all account operations: BimaTri.
You can also connect packages and view your balance through the website You have to go there from your phone.
Transfer money to another account:
by sending SMS to number 123 in the format: TRF 10000 (this is the maximum amount) 0891111111
There must be at least 10,000 rupees left in the account. The transfer costs 500 rupees.
Settings for the Internet: (sometimes the modem mode does not work without this, when distributing the Internet from the phone)
Access point name: 3data
User name: 3data
Password: 3data
Dial Number: *99#
Authentication: Default
Cheap calls abroad: 01089 or 01088
This code only works for calls. There is no option for cheap sending of SMS messages abroad.
Show your number: SMS with INFO to number 995. In a couple of minutes you will receive an SMS with your number.
Cheap calls abroad: 01033
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