Internet in Bali. Which internet provider is better?

For many people traveling to Bali, having access to home internet is essential, whether for entertainment or remote work purposes.
It's ideal if you're staying in a villa where the internet is already set up, and the owner or manager oversees its functionality. However, if there's no internet available, you'll need to address the choice of a service provider yourself.

Landline or mobile provider?

The main question is whether to choose a provider offering cable or wireless internet access or a mobile provider.
If you plan to stay long-term, around six months to a year, and you need very fast internet for downloading large files, it is advisable to consider a fixed-line internet service. The most recommended providers for fixed-line internet in Bali are Global Extreme, CBN, Biznet, and MTM. You may need to pay for the installation, but the necessary equipment for the internet will be provided. As a tip, you can take the WhatsApp number of the technician who will be installing your internet to reach out in case of issues.
If you need to set up internet access by yourself, or if the property owner has to do it, a contract with the provider will need to be established. Be sure to check with the property owner before renting the house to ensure they agree with changing the provider or adding a new one. Typically, contracts are for a minimum of one year, and early termination may require a penalty fee. Providers offer different terms; you may either buy the equipment (router) or rent it. In some cases, you can transfer your contract to a new address if you move. This option is available with providers like Biznet; make sure to clarify these details before equipment installation and contract signing.
Additionally, consider that the coverage of fixed-line providers may not be available in all areas. Before renting a place, check whether your desired provider offers service in that area. Some people have learned the hard way that the only provider in their location is Indihome.
If you are staying for a couple of months, do not need to download large files, and plan to move around, consider mobile internet providers. Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, and Smartfren are recommended. You purchase a SIM card, subscribe to a data package, and your phone can share internet. Alternatively, you can purchase a mobile modem, insert the SIM card, and share the internet from the modem.
The choice between mobile operators depends on the specific area. Some may have better coverage from one provider, while others may have better coverage from another. If you are just moving into a house, ask your neighbors about their internet providers. Gathering input from 3-4 people in your neighborhood can help you choose the right provider.
If you are in a developed area, you will likely have access to fiber-optic cable internet. It's fast and affordable. It may also come with international TV channels and a landline phone, but these options usually require additional fees from most providers.
In a more remote area, your provider may offer only wireless internet via a radio channel. This is slower and more expensive. If you are not heavily dependent on the internet, consider sharing your phone's internet or using a mobile modem. The speed of this type of internet is less stable compared to fiber-optic, and the signal can occasionally cut out. Streaming games on Twitch is unlikely to work well, but it should suffice for Zoom meetings with colleagues.

What to consider when installing home landline Internet?

1. Contract.
If you plan to discontinue your internet service (e.g., you're moving to a new house or changing providers), it's essential to contact the service provider's office to request the suspension or termination of your contract. If you don't do this, charges will continue to accumulate on your account, even if you no longer use the service. This can lead to a significant negative balance on your account. Additionally, the property owner, on whose premises the service is connected, may try to collect these outstanding payments from you. To avoid any unpleasant situations, it's crucial to suspend or terminate your contract properly.
Keep in mind that discontinuing your contract before its agreed-upon term may result in a penalty or early termination fee. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your contract with the service provider and the associated penalties for early cancellation to make informed decisions regarding your internet service.
2. Reviews from neighbors.
Talk to your neighbors on the street who already have fixed internet connections. Ask them about the issues they've experienced, the speed of their internet, and which internet service provider they would recommend as a result.
3. Test from the provider.
Some wireless operators may come and measure the signal quality at your home for free. Don't forget to inquire about this.
So, let's start with the big players – the companies that provide fixed internet via cables and offer various additional services. We'll begin with the most popular, convenient, and economical options.

Fixed Internet providers (Internet for home)

The following home internet service providers (Telkom Indihome, CBN - Cyberindo, Biznet, Global Extreme) offer the most optimal quality internet connections for home use. We recommend choosing from them if it's possible to connect to them in your area.
For demanding users who require guaranteed uninterrupted and fast internet, there's an ultimate option: connecting to multiple providers simultaneously, routing them through a single router, and then paying more for a reliable connection. By the way, some coworking spaces have such connections, for example, Dojo Bali in Changgu. So, if you have an important Zoom call, you can conduct it there.

Telkom Indihome 

The website is only available in the Indonesian version, but Google Translate can effectively translate it. The tariffs start at 415,000 rupiahs for 30 Mbps, and they charge 965,000 for 100 Mbps. It's worth noting that having different speeds for upload and download with this provider is a common occurrence.
They connect via fiber optic and additionally Telkom customers are given cheap access to the network. More details Coverage map
Contact Information:
You can reach them by phone at 147, through Live Chat on their website, or via Facebook and Twitter.
Payment Methods for Internet Service:
You can pay through ATMs, bank transfers, cash at their office, mobile banking, and at Indomaret stores.
In Canggu, some people complain about the low speed and frequent internet outages. For example, if you expect a 50-megabit package, you might only get 10. Some also complain about poor customer support from Indihome. However, there are people in the same area who highly recommend Indihome as the best provider. They report that their issues were resolved in less than 24 hours by technicians who promptly came to their homes and fixed everything.
I, like many others, have had to call Indihome's customer support multiple times, almost every day, to ask them why my paid 100 Mbps speed suddenly looks more like 1 Mbps. Miraculously, after the call, the speed would return.

CBN - Cyberindo

Another major Indonesian provider, which offers speeds ranging from 50 to 100 Mbps for 300,000 to 800,000 rupiahs, respectively. There is an option for a temporary speed boost to 100 Mbps for an additional 100,000 rupiahs. Rare connection interruptions, reasonably prompt customer support, and it generally delivers the promised speed without significant issues. There is a wide selection of cable channels, and you can watch channels on demand for a small fee ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 rupiahs per channel. You can check the availability of services in your location on their user-friendly English website, which is clean and informative.
Both fiber optic and wireless connections are available.
Payment Methods:
Payment can be made through ATMs, bank transfers, in cash at their office, mobile banking, through Indomaret stores, via Tokopedia, and using the CBN mobile app.
Contact Information: You can reach them by phone at +62 361 769425, the 24/7 hotline number 1500 780, or through Facebook and Twitter.
Reviews: Reviews are generally positive, and the connection is stable. Users highly recommend CBN, especially in Canggu. However, there are some users who report significant internet issues for two weeks that remain unresolved. CBN does not have issues with streaming Netflix. In Bukit, it provides a somewhat stable 10 Mbps connection with occasional but rare interruptions lasting no longer than an hour.


They offer fiber optic connections starting from 250,000 Indonesian Rupiahs for 30 Mbps and going up to 200 Mbps for 575,000 Rupiahs. There's even a special plan for gamers providing 250 Mbps for 700,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. This is a good and stable provider with high-quality connections and excellent customer support. They also offer plans with cable channels, including options in English, and the possibility to set up a home phone.
The website is available in both English and Indonesian and is user-friendly with pricing information.
- Fiber optic
Payment methods:
- Mobile banking
- Internet banking
- Card payment on the provider's website
- At Indomaret or Alfamart stores
- At a bank through a cashier
- WhatsApp: +62-855-1998-888
- Website chat
- Phone: 1500 933 or +62-21-57981788

Global Extreme

It is considered one of the best providers in Bali, with very few criticisms online. They offer fiber-optic connections at 75 Mbps for 300,000 rupiahs, and high-speed connections at 300 Mbps for a million rupiahs, not including the 11% tax. They also have business plans that promise even more stable connections. The speeds remain the same, but the prices are significantly higher: you can get a guaranteed 100 Mbps for 1 million rupiahs, 200 Mbps for 2 million rupiahs, and as you might guess, 300 Mbps for 3 million rupiahs. Clearly, these prices are designed for the convenience of their customers. I would also like to mention their stylish and user-friendly website in English.
fiber optic and wireless. For 50,000 rupees per month, you can connect 24 local TV channels.
Payment Methods:
cash in the office, bank transfer, auto debit.
- Phone numbers: (0361) 3003401, (0361) 736811
- WhatsApp: +62 87 882 838 828
- Chat on the website.
Global Extreme has very positive reviews. Some users consider it possibly the best cable internet provider in Bali. In the Changgu area, there are good reviews from people who have been using this provider for over 5 years without any problems. Issues are resolved within a couple of hours over the phone. In the Changgu region, it's one of the two most popular providers, with the other being CBR (Cyberindo), but not all areas are covered by CBR's cable.


The website is in English and is not very informative, lacking tariff details; it only provides general information about the services offered.
Available via both fiber optic and radio channels.
Located in Kerobokan and Ubud.
You can reach them by phone at +62 361 370 5200 or through the web form on their website.


The website is available only in Indonesian. It provides general information about tariffs for businesses and individuals, but lacks detailed pricing and information.
- Phone: 0361 - 4715157, 4715158, 4715159, 4715160


Website in English
- Phone: 0811-3851-666 / 0811-3862-666

MTM Bali

Website in English. Not very informative, no tariffs, only general information about services.
- Fiber-optic
- Phone: +62-361-3352160
- WhatsApp: +62-818-0888-5550
- Via the web form on the website.

XL Home

The website is in Bahasa, but it's fairly understandable. This provider is also one of the largest mobile operators in Indonesia, but reviews on Google suggest that their cable internet services might not be very reliable yet.
- Fiber-optic
- Through the web form on their website and via email at

Mobile Internet

The best providers in Indonesia as a whole were distributed as follows:
3 Tri
As parameters for evaluation, we considered download and upload speeds, latency, browsing quality, and streaming quality. We didn't consider Bolt, which was also mentioned in the ratings, because it doesn't operate in Bali.
For mobile internet, you can purchase packages not only monthly but also weekly and daily. However, for the sake of simplicity, in this overview, we will only mention the monthly tariffs.

Features of mobile Internet

1. Mobile internet plans in Bali don't typically offer full unlimited data. Some may include limited unlimited usage for social media, such as Indosat. Smartfren offers unlimited data, but it has a daily usage cap, and exceeding it results in reduced speed. You can find more details about unlimited mobile internet plans.
2. Pay close attention to the breakdown of your data quota to understand when you can use different portions of it. Sometimes, certain data can be used only at night, with 4G, or in a specific region where your SIM card is registered, such as Bali.
3. Remember to subscribe to internet packages provided by your mobile operator. Without these packages, data usage is charged at a much higher rate.
4. Topping up your mobile account is easiest in convenience stores (Indomaret, Alfamart, Circle K, Mini Mart), or in mobile phone shops.
5. To keep track of your data quota, install the official app from your mobile operator. This app allows you to check your remaining data, choose a package for the next month, and activate new data packages.
6. If you need a modem for mobile internet, you can find one at the offices of mobile operators, shops along the road that sell phones, or at RIMO computer store in Denpasar. If your phone has the capability, you can also use it as a modem to share the internet connection.
7. If any of your friends already have mobile internet from a particular provider, invite them over and test the signal quality at your home using a speed testing app or website.
8. You can improve your mobile signal reception by using an external antenna.
Let's start with the flagship providers!


The website is available in both English and Bahasa.
Telkomsel offers the most extensive and powerful coverage throughout Indonesia. If you're traveling through remote areas with only one mobile internet operator available, it's likely to be Telkomsel.
However, Telkomsel has an inconvenient aspect. If your SIM card is less than 90 days old, the choice of available tariffs is quite limited. Moreover, often the promised gigabytes of internet can only be used at night or they are divided among various services. For example, out of the specified 6GB for the internet, you might get only 1GB, while the remaining 5GB is allocated to local cloud services, social networks, or online television. If you want to avoid such difficulties, consider getting internet from XL Axiata.
Telkomsel offices


The website is only in Indonesian.
For many years, Smartfren used its special CDMA modems and its Andromax phones. So simply buying a SIM card and using it in your phone was not possible. Often, long-term expatriates would just buy a modem from Smartfren and share the internet from it. Now, Smartfren has switched to the new LTE + 4G standard, so you can use their SIM cards in regular phones. Just make sure before buying a SIM card if it's compatible with your phone or modem. Modems are available starting from 150,000 rupiahs. There are also Wi-Fi routers for sale. Mobile internet packages are sold together with routers.
Cash at the office, through online stores Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak.
Smartfren Offices
If you are buying a modem to use with a computer, you can come with your laptop. They will install the modem driver and set everything up for you.
Through the chat on the website, Facebook, by phone at +62 881 1223344, on Twitter.

XL Axiata

The website is available in both English and Bahasa. On the website, you can purchase modems for mobile internet, and a package that includes 20GB of data. This package costs 560,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
XL Axiata Offices:

Indosat Ooredoo

The website is available in both English and Bahasa.
Indosat is a good and very common GSM 3G/4G operator. Overall, it has good coverage across the island, but there have been complaints about weak coverage in some areas. The internet speed is good, and in areas with good coverage (LTE), download speeds can reach up to 30 megabits per second. If you are concerned about signal quality, it's better to choose internet from XL Axiata.
Indosat Offices:

3 Tri

The website is available only in Indonesian and is not user-friendly. The tariffs are available but presented in a disorganized manner.
Less popular mobile internet provider in Bali. SIM cards from this provider are less common compared to other operators.
Three Offices:
- Phone: +62 896 44000 123
If working from home is not essential for you, you can explore the possibility of working in a coworking space or a cafe with good internet. In areas like Changgu, Ubud, Seminyak, and Kuta, there are plenty of comfortable coworking spaces with excellent connectivity.
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