Taman Beji Waterfall

Visited Taman Beji Waterfall recently. Can't unambiguously recommend it for a visit in the dry season, as there is little water in the waterfall.
The water source, which according to the sign is recommended for drinking, has dried up, and there is almost no water there.
The place is quite commercialized. Even if you come with your own sarong,you still have to pay 40.000 for a ticket.
One can say that the area is overly developed, and it is hard to speak about any unity with nature here. However, it could be suitable for attracting Instagram photos. The mood is spoiled by the animal cages kept for tourist amusement. There are two hedgehogs and a civet. The cages are very small, and it's visible that the animals have nowhere to move to stretch out. There is a flying dog that sits outside the cage.
The altar located near the waterfall is also not particularly interesting for photography. All the statues are made in completely different styles,creating some kind of visual chaos. Overall, it's visible that the people who worked on developing this tourist attraction tried very hard.
The artificial pond next to the waterfall, with stairs built to enter the water, but no one swims in it because the water is too dirty and muddy.
In general, the place looks like it was specially created to make money from tourists. Perhaps that's why there aren't so many tourists here. Mostly local Balinese visit, for whom it seems that the entry is free or cheaper.
It seems that for a complete tour, this place only lacks swings and a woven nest. You can come here if you want to take a photo "as if in nature," but in case you don't really like nature or are afraid of it.
a canyon behind the waterfall
altar behind the waterfall
The only plus point of this place is that it's a short walk down to the waterfall.
It will take about 3-5 minutes to get downstairs.
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