Top 10 Unforgettable Places in Ubud

Recently Ubud made it to the top 5 best cities in the world. It is the heart and cultural capital of the island of Bali.
Ubud truly looks like the perfect place to live: incredible nature, well-developed infrastructure for expats with plenty of good cafes, restaurants, shops, and a great location in the center of the island. It is not as hot as the coast and not as cold as the foothills of the volcanoes. The nearest beach can be reached by bike in 30-40 minutes, and you can relax in the cool climate, take a walk in the pine forest or botanical garden within an hour's drive from Ubud.
Visitors come to Ubud to visit attractions, try various spiritual practices, and enjoy the incredible nature of the jungles and rice terraces. There are also top hotels with stunning views and high-class service.
Reasons why you should visit Ubud
Ubud is famous for its wellness retreats, spas, meditation centers, and yoga classes. It is also a paradise for food lovers with a diverse range of local and international cuisine, including a large number of vegetarian, vegan, and raw food cafes.
This area is also a hub for creativity and art, with galleries, workshops, and cultural centers.
If you want to see the real Bali with all its traditional local culture, it is definitely worth spending a few days in Ubud during your trip and take advantage of an excursion around Ubud from for maximum comfort.

Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Ubud

Ubud is conveniently located near many waterfalls on the island. One of the most famous, well-maintained, and comfortable for swimming is Tegenungan Waterfall. Entrance fee is 50,000 rupees.
After visiting the waterfall, you can relax at Omma Dayclub Bali with stunning views.
You might also like the Blangsingah Glass Bridge near the waterfall, which is 200 meters long. The price is slightly higher for tourists - 250,000 rupees.
Monkey Forest attracts a large number of tourists: the park combines elements of Balinese nature with rich vegetation, waterfalls, temples, and interacting with monkeys. The park is a natural sanctuary with over 600 monkeys freely roaming the area. Tourists can feed them and take cool photos as memorabilia.
A must-visit place in Ubud! After visiting, you will feel deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, and healed. Truly an incredible experience. We recommend trying the gong meditation and didgeridoo.
Meditations are held twice a day: at 11 am and 3 pm.
They also occasionally hold Reiki ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, yoga, and other events.
There is a vegan cafe on site with an excellent menu. The organization provides a free shuttle from the center of Ubud.
Registration is required on the website, and the cost of the visit is 250,000 rupees.
An amazing place with a Balinese temple for meditation, a garden for walks, and a small waterfall. The place is peaceful and tranquil. Balinese people still believe that the local water in the temple takes away nightmares and brings a happy life.
A beautiful sacred place that combines several waterfalls with caves, a wonderful path for walking among rice fields, a magical Balinese offering ceremony in beautiful sarongs, purification, and incredible photos as mementos. Many people remember this place for the cleansing ceremony, where you can shout in the waterfall and release everything unwanted.
One of the oldest hotels in Ubud, surrounded by tropical greenery, located on the famous Tjampuhan River. The spa center offers a cold plunge pool, hammam, and two saunas located in rocky caves. From there, you can descend straight to the river and enjoy the Balinese landscapes and tranquility.
Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the most famous and beautiful places on the island. Stunning landscapes where rice fields are laid out in terraces, creating incredible scenery. The place attracts with its picturesque beauty during walks. Near the terraces, there is a famous beach club with stunning views and infinity pools - Creatya Pool, which is definitely worth a visit.
Sebatu is a sacred place on the island where purification ceremonies, known as Melukat, take place. This experience allows tourists to immerse themselves in the rich Balinese culture. Even many expats regularly visit the sacred springs to cleanse their body, spirit, and find harmony.
This is an ancient Balinese ritual action that is used to purify the body and spirit. During the ceremony, sacred water, which is considered to have a special power to cleanse negative energies, is used to wash the participants. 
The most magical and mysterious restaurant on the island of Bali, located in the heart of Ubud.
Mystical and magical themes, delicious food with an interesting presentation.
On the first floor, there is a shop with fragrances, incense, and jewelry.
On the second floor, there is a restaurant. For dinner, you can order a set of random dishes by drawing Tarot cards, making your dinner even more mysterious.
Bamboo Resort is a famous exotic hotel in the most picturesque part of Ubud. All structures are made of bamboo, allowing for a unique experience of staying in harmony with nature surrounded by tropical forests.
The hotel has a bar-restaurant with gorgeous jungle views where you can enjoy dinner or evening drinks at sunset, it is located in the most prominent spot - on a bluff in the Sayan area. 
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