Fascinating Bali Tours

It's probably impossible to see everything in Bali, but we will help you choose what is really worth seeing. Here's a list of must-see locations and excursions that you should definitely visit - you won't be disappointed!
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Top 10 Best Places and Excursions in Bali

Climbing Mount Batur

We suggest witnessing the sunrise on the peak of the formidable but no less romantic volcano with its powerful energy. From there, you can enjoy views of the pristine beauty of the island. It is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia and the second largest in Bali. However, note that this activity will require strength and endurance.

Rafting on the Telaga or Ayung Rivers

It is an ideal option for those who are tired of surfing and lying on the beach but still love speed, adrenaline, and stunning nature. Jungles, lianas, rocky gorges, and full-flowing rivers guarantee unforgettable impressions. It is important to find professional instructors to ensure the safety of this journey.

Palaces of the East

If you love mysterious and unexplored places, then this excursion will suit you. The royal palaces of Bali (such as the Tirta Gangga Water Palace or the Taman Ujung Garden Palace) are full of originality and are a treasure trove of ancient culture. You will definitely take away dozens of cool shots from here!

Helicopter Flight along the Uluwatu Coast

With this mode of transportation, you can visit the most picturesque places in Bali. You will soar over the beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, the cliffs of Bukit, and capture the highest statue in Indonesia, Garuda Vishnu Kencana, from an unusual perspective. If you want to combine romance and extreme, this is what you need!

Dolphin Tour in Northern Bali

Dolphins always bring peace, beauty, and grace. Who would refuse such an experience? Dolphins can jump right next to the boat and even put on a show, as if playing tag with each other. It is an amazing spectacle that will be remembered for a long time! The joy of interacting with animals is always genuine. And experienced captains know where the routes of the dolphins pass, so a meeting with them is guaranteed.

Tour of Bali Waterfalls

The program includes three waterfalls. These are the 30-meter high Kanto Lampo, under the streams of which you can refresh yourself; Tibumana with a source and bathing pools; and the Chepung waterfall with unusual lighting in the cave on clear days.

Night at a Safari Hotel

Spending a night among tigers, hippos, and antelopes - why not? Bali Safari and Marine Park provides such an opportunity. For example, you can feed crocodiles, see colorful shows with elephants and birds, and even just observe the inhabitants from your own terrace.

ATV Riding on Dirty Tracks

Here you have a choice of fun and extreme routes in the area around Ubud. The duration can be 45 or 90 minutes. Risky turns, sharp bends, and slippery tracks - it is a real challenge. But there are also safer tracks. Believe me, getting dirty is truly unforgettable!


Another option for spending time is an exciting motorcycle ride. On a motocross bike, you can ride on real professional tracks, conquer a steep descent through the jungle to the ocean, and zoom along an empty beach to the sound of waves. There are several programs to choose from, both for beginners and experienced riders.

Diving in Tulamben

We suggest diving in the Tulamben dive spot. On the seabed, there is a sunken ship called the Liberty, which sank during World War II. It is now covered in coral reefs and has become home to many living creatures and plants. This diving adventure will be full of mystery and a spirit of adventure.
Of course, the top 10 are very, very few. But all the listed places are worth visiting at least once. Enjoy your travels!
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