Bali will host one of the stages of the Indonesian Sprint Rally

The sprint rally will take place at the Perancak Circuit in Bali on February 3-4. About 70 participants will compete on a 4.7-kilometer dirt route. Drivers will also have to go through 4 special stages, totaling 18.8 kilometers.
This race, Sprint Rally, was not held for a long time and is now returning. The competition will feature the best rally teams in Indonesia, including Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia, LFN Simple Motorsport, HRVRT, Jhonlin Racing Team, DMO Garage, Delta Garage, AHSRT, Suade, BART, Nafsat Auto Sport, Kartika Sari Motorsport, RAC Motorsport, and Bintang Automotive, who have confirmed their participation. 
"Every 6 months we hold car racing, including motocross, previously there were road racing and off-road competitions as well," said I Gede Patriana Krisna, deputy regent of Jembrana, the district where the race will take place. He also hopes that the Sprint Rally event, bringing together many people, will be able to support the regency's economy.
The track itself is quite legendary, with various races taking place there since 1987. The chairman of the Pertamax Turbo Sprint Rally Committee, Eryanto Subaktiawan, noted: "The last time sprint rally was held on Bali was almost 20 years ago. In those times, sprint rally on Bali was truly amazing. There are still many fans of these races here," he said.
Furthermore, he announced that Bali will host the final round of the National Sprint Rally Championship.
"At the moment there are 70 starting participants ready to compete, but it's possible that in the next two days there will be even more," said Eryanto Subaktiawan.
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