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If you are working out at a gym in Bali and want to improve the productivity of your workouts, you may consider purchasing a pre-workout complex. What popular pre-workouts can you find in Bali, what are their features, and where can you buy them?
The stores mentioned in the review are:
1. Bali 21 century - a very small store in Raya Changgu. They have basic sports nutrition.
2. Morgann Jimbaran - a store of the Morgann chain (there's another branch near Changgu next to the Popular supermarket), offering more expensive sports nutrition.
3. Avenue Fitness - a small shop located in the Avenue Fitness fitness center in Changgu.
4. Fitness Buff - a store in Kerobokan, just a few minutes' drive from Raya Kerobokan, not far from the rooftop airplane intersection. They have some sports goods.
Also, don't forget that you can order pre-workout complexes online at
Why do you need a pre-workout complex?
Thanks to a pre-workout, an athlete can significantly increase the effectiveness and quality of their workouts. Concentration, strength levels, and energy surge, providing alertness, all contribute to better exercise performance and faster post-workout recovery.
How to choose a pre-workout complex?
The best option is to consult with a sports doctor before buying a complex. Based on their experience, they can advise on the best option for you.
Pre-workouts can be loosely categorized into resource-focused and aggressive types.
Resource-focused ones concentrate on providing the body with the resources it needs to work if it lacks its own strength.
Aggressive ones focus on stimulating components.
For women, there are separate female complexes, which are typically milder. Pre-workouts for women are often made based on L-carnitine and guarana. However, they are not commonly found in offline stores in Bali.
Resource components of pre-workout complexes:
- Creatine - increases energy levels during heavy physical work.
- Amino acids - contribute to various effects.
- Arginine dilates blood vessels, creating a pump effect and increased blood flow to the muscles. It feels like the muscles are swelling after exercise.
- Beta-alanine helps remove lactic acid from working muscles. This delays muscle fatigue, as non-acidified muscles work longer and more efficiently. 
Citrulline - participates in arginine synthesis reactions, promotes rapid post-workout recovery, and aids in the absorption of BCAA amino acids, which help with quick recovery.
Vitamins and minerals - necessary for the normal course of all reactions in the body.
Electrolytes - play a role in maintaining the body's water and salt balance, which can be disrupted during workouts.
Stimulating components of pre-workout complexes:
Caffeine and guarana - affect the central nervous system, increasing attention and endurance. They stimulate the release of adrenaline, which also affects the CNS.
Yohimbine - a plant-based stimulant. It acts on the CNS, stimulating it, improving cognitive functions and mental concentration, allowing for longer and more intense workouts.
Ephedra and geranium are classified as strong stimulants. Geranium is gradually being phased out of the compositions of all sports nutrition products and replaced with octodrine (aminioisogheptane). Pre-workouts with these components are considered very aggressive. Geranium and ephedra put the nervous system in a highly excited state, improve mood and mental focus, and increase productivity.
How to take pre-workout supplements?
Every manufacturer specifies the serving size of their pre-workout supplement in grams. To ensure athletes get the right amount, a measuring spoon for one serving is usually included with the container.
Some manufacturers recommend starting with half a measuring spoon. This is more common with aggressive pre-workouts.
The serving should be mixed in a glass of water and consumed before the workout, 30-40 minutes before the training session begins. However, it varies individually. Some athletes take pre-workouts 1 hour before their workout to allow all the complex components to be absorbed.
It's best not to consume pre-workouts in the evening. Strong stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS) can lead to insomnia.
With frequent intake of pre-workouts, the body can become accustomed to the stimulants, and the initial effects may not be as pronounced.
It's advisable to either alternate between different pre-workout complexes or take periodic breaks from their consumption.
Try to consult with a doctor before starting to take any complex.
What are the potential side effects?
People who take pre-workout supplements sometimes report:
- Headaches
- Nausea
- Insomnia
- Irregular heartbeat
- Upset stomach
These side effects, except for stomach upset, can be related to choosing a low-quality product, not following the recommended intake regimen, neglecting sleep patterns, or may signal emerging issues with the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as muscle tension.
If a pre-workout supplement causes stomach upset, it may be due to insufficient water dilution.
So, we have selected the most popular pre-workouts that can be found in offline stores in Bali.
Cellucor C4 Original
- Flavor: Orange Burst
- 30 servings
- 180 grams per container
Belongs to the category of resource complexes.
Its components are added in optimal doses, making Cellucor C4 Original suitable for beginners and safe.
The primary ingredient is beta-alanine, which enhances muscular endurance. Arginine creates a pump effect, while creatine increases the body's energy levels. Caffeine and tyrosine act as stimulants and enhance focus.
C4 Original does not put excessive strain on the nervous system.
Explosive energy components include N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, anhydrous caffeine, velvet bean seed extract, and theacrine.
Available in stores:
- Bali Supplement 21 - 400,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Mogann Jimbaran - 450,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Fitness Buff - 400,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Cellucor C4 Ripped
- Flavor: Icy Blue Razz
- 30 servings
- 180 grams per container
The same supplement as above, but with thermogenic components added to enhance metabolism and improve fat burning efficiency. The ripped components include L-carnitine tartrate, green coffee bean extract, Capsimax® Cayenne fruit extract (Capsicum annuum), and Coleus forskohlii root extract. As explosive energy components, it contains N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, anhydrous caffeine, and velvet bean seed extract.
Available in stores:
- Bali Supplement 21 - 450,000 Indonesian Rupiah
MuscleTech Vapor X5 NEXT GEN
- Flavor: Fruit Punch
- 30 servings
- 232 grams per container
The ingredients in the complex, such as taurine and beta-alanine, will provide endurance, while nitric oxide will saturate the muscles with oxygen.
Components for muscle building: Creatine monohydrate and anhydrous betaine.
Components for improving performance and endurance: Beta-alanine and taurine.
Components for a pump effect: Arginine silicate and hawthorn extract.
Components for explosive energy: Anhydrous caffeine and choline bitartrate.
Neurosensory blend: L-theanine, galangal extract, yohimbe extract.
Available in stores:
- Bali Supplement 21 - 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Mogann Jimbaran - 430,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Fitness Buff - 400,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout
- Flavor: Fruit Punch
- 30 servings
- 300 grams per container
This pre-workout supplement is particularly beneficial during bulking phases. It is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes, and it is characterized by very rare side effects.
Muscle-working components: Creatine monohydrate, ginseng extract, and Astralagus membranaceus extract.
Performance components: Beta-alanine, L-citrulline.
Energy and focus components: Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, Caffeine, Complex of citrus bioflavonoids.
Available in stores:
- Mogann Jimbaran - 520,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Fitness Buff - 520,000 Indonesian Rupiah
BSN N.O.-Xplode
- Flavor: Grape
- 30 servings
- 555 grams per container
Belongs to the category of resource complexes.
This complex is multi-component. It does not contain hormonal complexes or harmful stimulants. N.O.-Xplode includes not only five main components but also a vitamin-mineral complex. Creatine increases strength, beta-alanine and betaine enhance endurance. Among the components, there is also sage extract, which improves nitrogen balance, while tyrosine and caffeine enhance the ability to concentrate during workouts. DMAE is a general tonic component.
It can be used by both beginners and professional athletes.
The effect starts practically immediately after intake.
Available in stores:
- Mogann Jimbaran - 520,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Fitness Buff - 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Flavor: Lemon Rush
- 50 servings
- 250 grams per container
It dilates blood vessels, accelerating the flow of nutrients to muscle tissues.
Components for muscle energy: Beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, citric acid.
Components to enhance blood flow: L-citrulline, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate.
Components for concentration: Anhydrous caffeine, olive leaf extract.
Available in stores:
- Bali Supplement 21 - 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Mogann Jimbaran - 420,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Avenue Fitness - 480,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Fitness Buff - 375,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Mutant Madness
- Flavor: Fruit Punch
- 30 servings
- 226 grams per container
Components for enhancing performance: L-citrulline malate / L-arginine, Beta-alanine, Taurine / L-tyrosine blend, Apple-lemon acid blend.
Caffeine complex: 5-caffeine matrix, Anhydrous caffeine, Di-caffeine malate, Caffeine citrate, Theobromine extract, Green tea extract.
Components for increasing strength: L-theanine 30 mg, Olive leaf extract, Cinnamon extract, Black pepper extract.
When taking it, you may feel a tingling sensation on the skin, especially on the face. The powder can crystallize and solidify into one piece. It starts working very quickly, typically within 10 - 15 minutes.
Available in stores:
- Bali Supplement 21 - 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah
- Avenue Fitness - 420,000 Indonesian Rupiah
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