Sing Sing Waterfall in the Buleleng area of Bali

Sing Sing Waterfall
Not all waterfalls are equally beneficial, and their beauty varies depending on the season and weather conditions. In the dry season, many waterfalls tend to dry up and lose their charm, while in the rainy season, rainwater can bring muddy sediment from the fields.
It's challenging to determine the best time to visit Sing-Sing Waterfall. Even during the rainy season, it turned out to be a rather modest waterfall. This time, the decision was made to reach it via a trail from the Sing-Sing Resort Lovina. The path was somewhat neglected, with construction mesh hanging over it in some places, and evidence of clay runoff from rain covering the steps to the waterfall.
About halfway to the waterfall, an interesting wall was discovered on the right side, hanging with layers of stones over the head. It could have been an intriguing sight if, at a certain moment, stones hadn't started falling from it.
Upon arrival at the waterfall, disappointment set in. To visit here, one needs to catch the right season when there's plenty of water, and it's not murky. Unfortunately, both factors fell short this time.
The surroundings are interesting, enclosed by cliffs covered with forest. However, the lagoon turned out to be very shallow, the waterfall's flow was modest, and the water cleanliness was a letdown.
The distance to the waterfall is quite far even from Lovina, making it challenging to recommend for visits.
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