Jembong Waterfall in the Buleleng area of Bali

Jembong Waterfall  
It seems that the Jembong waterfall has become a popular and commercialized destination with developed infrastructure for tourists.
Features such as a park with paved paths, flower beds, and selfie zones indicate that this place attracts tourist attention and has become part of the tourism industry. For those seeking more natural and authentic waterfalls, it might be better to choose less developed locations.  
But with each passing year, Jembong is becoming more developed. And it's done in a rather strange manner.
At the entrance to the complex, a swimming pool was built, and a beach club was created, which undoubtedly became popular among the local public. Children swim in the pool, but the spotted color of the tiles indicates its less than perfect cleanliness.
A flying fox attraction was installed across the canyon stretching from the waterfall. As of December 2019, numerous plastic pipes are being stretched down the stream from Jembong, and active construction is underway.
And at Jembong itself, a selfie platform was constructed, for which an unsightly concrete structure was created above the water flow.  
However, despite the presence of a fairly beautiful garden on the approach to the waterfall, the efforts of the tourist site developers did not touch the infrastructure directly at the waterfall itself.
On the right side of the waterfall, a rather frightening gazebo was erected, covered with galvanized iron. And the building with the toilet and changing room on the left side of the waterfall looks in a way that you wouldn't want to approach it, let alone use it.  
But! As a balance to all these drawbacks - a huge plus! The waterfall itself. It is quite powerful and pleasant. Under it, you can feel a real Balinese mountain water massage! There are cascades on Jembong, and you can sit on them if you climb very carefully.
The waterfall's lagoon is not very large, but clean, and the water is clear. It's not too deep. There are areas around 0.7 - 1 meter. The lagoon is paved with stones, so swimming here will be comfortable and safe.
For photographers, some difficulties may arise from foreign objects in the frame, such as a sign indicating that a ceremony is held at the waterfall, an ugly gazebo, and plastic pipes in the water flow. But if you came just to swim, refresh, and enjoy the cool water, you will get enough pleasure!
The Flying Fox ride costs 35,000 rupees. Although the route can hardly be called particularly picturesque.
The ticket to the water park, which includes the waterfall, swimming, and the pool, costs 25,000 rupees. Parking is free.
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