"Secret" viewpoint overlooking Mount Agung - Bukit Cemara

The grandeur of Mount Agung can be admired from many points in Bali. One of the most popular ones today is the temple Pura Lempuyang, where tourists line up for hours to capture themselves with the backdrop of the island's most important peak.
By the way, in the vicinity of Mount Agung, there are several hills where you can enjoy nature, and on some of them, you can even spend the night in a tent and witness a breathtaking sunrise.
One of these places is Bukit Cemara (Bukit Cemara). "Bukit" means hill, and "Cemara" refers to a type of coniferous tree that grows in Indonesia. Here is the location on the map.
This place is not particularly well-known to tourists yet. Mostly, local Indonesian and Balinese youth visit the hill with tents, campfires, and cheerful spirits.
Partly, this place hasn't become extremely touristy yet because the road to the top of the hill is quite challenging, and its condition could be better. The second reason is the difficulty in finding the specific road to the summit. You might need to interact with local residents to discover the right path.
In some places, the road to the hill is a hiking trail, while in other parts, you can partially drive by car.
You can come here with a tent and set up a camping site. In the morning, you'll witness a breathtaking sunrise not only with a view of Agung but also on the distant expanses of the ocean on the other side.
 Bukit Cemara
 Bukit Cemara
 Bukit Cemara
 Bukit Cemara
 Bukit Cemara
The infrastructure is almost nonexistent. There are no stores, but there are a few small stalls with tea, coffee, and snacks.
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