"Lahangan Sweet" viewpoint overlooking Mount Agung in the hills of Lempuyang

Photo: @liya_mariyantini
More and more viewpoints with Instagram-worthy decorations are emerging in Bali. Many of them are located in Karangasem, where there's truly much to see. Most of these places offer stunning views of Mount Agung, and the higher the viewpoint, the more it provides a sense of soaring.
Photo: @_venusruler
One of the newest places is called Lahangan Sweet. It is situated on the same hills as the Lempuyang Temple and offers breathtaking scenery, allowing you to enjoy views of the Agung, Rinjani volcanoes, and the coastline of Amed.
Photo: @w_sutha
Nature here contrasts remarkably in different seasons. In the dry season, the land is lifeless and barren, but during the rainy season, everything blossoms and comes to life, impressing with lush greenery.
The most beautiful moments can be experienced, of course, at sunrise and sunset when the sun's rays create particularly artistic lighting.
Photo: @w_sutha
In the era of Instagram, a viewpoint wouldn't be complete without decorations - gates and railings made of driftwood, benches and tables, Balinese pavilions, a romantic platform, and a boat-shaped structure.
Photo: @sari_rihi
Photo:  @de.sugi_
There's a small camping area where you can bring a tent and spend the night.
Facilities include electricity generated by a generator.
Photo: Wayan Paing
There are currently no entrance tickets, but voluntary donations are accepted. For tourists staying overnight in tents, the cost is 20,000 rupiahs per person, which includes electricity and firewood.
It's more convenient to reach here from Amed, as the road from the Lempuyang Temple is quite long and winding. The last 800 meters can only be covered by a pedestrian trail, impassable by car, and riding a bike is quite dangerous. But true adventure enthusiasts are not deterred by such difficulties!
Photo: @kemu_mai_melali
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