Savana Tianyar

Photo: @her_journeys
The Tianyar savannah is a natural place, not yet spoiled by any photo corners, warungs or attractions.
This place radically changes its appearance depending on the season. In the wet season it is covered with a delicate carpet of lush grass, and in the dry season it becomes a real wild and desert savannah.
Photo: @tikadefani
Most people love the view of this place more during the dry season.
From here you can see Agung and Mangun Hill with a small temple on top of Pura Bukit Mangun. You can climb Mangun by walking a couple of hundred steps. The road will not be easy, but from above you will be able to admire the panorama of the village of Tianyar and the ocean expanses beyond it.
Horses constantly graze here, making the Tianyar Savannah an even more attractive place for photographers.
Photo: @beatrixclaudyaa
If you are planning a large-scale trip around the island and are wondering what to do on the stretch from Amed to Singaraja and Lovina, you should definitely see the Tianyar Savannah.
Photo: @triefince
Фото: @triefince
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