Playgrounds for children in Bukit

Jungle Play Bali

+62 878-6355-0067
It consists of two gaming spaces: an open-air area and a covered area, both outdoors. From Monday to Friday, the venue operates as a daycare, while on Saturdays and Sundays, it is open to everyone.
Entrance fee - 75k. Birthday celebration packages are available.
There is a stationary trampoline and an inflatable one (on weekends). There are also several activities: painting on wood and stone, making slime, and more. Each activity requires an additional payment of 25k. However, you can opt for an entrance ticket priced at 165k, which includes two types of activities, water, or tea.
There are monkey bars, slides, a climbing wall, various wooden structures for obstacle courses. Here, you can feed rabbits and goats (feed costs 5k), and observe chickens and birds.
Drawbacks: it gets very hot in the first half of the day due to the blazing sun, so it's advisable to wear a hat and use sun protection; mosquitoes are present all day, so make sure to bring insect repellent.
Cost of daycare:
Half-day costs 200k. You can choose between morning hours from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM or afternoon hours from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM. This price includes 1 snack (snacks/fruits).
A full day (9:30 AM - 3:30 PM) will cost 300k. It includes both a snack and lunch.
Monthly passes are available; you can find the details in the photo below. There is also a small cafe where you can check out the menu.

Pamper Me Jimbaran (Sidewalk)

+62 812-3892-9999
This playground is located in the SideWalk Shopping Center on the upper floor.
The cost is 100k for 90 minutes. It is mandatory for all visitors (both children and parents) to wear socks. If you forget to bring them, you can purchase a pair for 15k.
There are various play areas: a laundromat, a hospital, shops with different items and a cash register, a hair salon, a cafe, a veterinary clinic, and a police station. Additionally, there's a sandbox with small pebbles, a slide, and a mini-attraction for catching fish. The facility has excellent air conditioning.
There's also a hair salon for kids nearby.


The playground is located inside the Ithon Nusa Dua store building. The entrance is through the food court on the second floor to the right.
It costs 15k, and there's no time limit. Please remember to bring your socks. The playground is relatively small and features a trampoline, a toy car, a ball pit, a slide, and a makeshift sushi bar area. There is no air conditioning, only fans. The busiest time is Friday evening, so it's better to come in the morning or during the day on weekdays.

Pande kids

This playground is located in Nusa Dua. It's a room with different zones (you can see them in the photos). The toys are a bit worn. Inside, there is a sink for handwashing, and the restroom is located to the left of the entrance, facing the front door. You can ask the staff for assistance; they will guide you. There is air conditioning.
It costs 20k for unlimited time. They are open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Some drawbacks include a monitor playing cartoons (but you can request it to be turned off) and a small parking area.

Kids Space

This small space is located in Jimbaran, next to a local warung.
It features a small trampoline, a slide for toddlers, a balance bike, a toy car, and a small table. There is no air conditioning.
The cost is 10k, and there is no time limit.

Below is a selection of cafes and restaurants that have areas for children

Scones Bali

+62 812-3899-9659 
There is a children's corner in the main hall of the café. For children, there is a little kitchen, a basket of soft buns, donuts, and little cups, a woven table with cushions, and similar woven dishes. There are also children's microwave and coffee machines, books, and other regularly updated toys. It's best to bring socks with you because the floor is always dirty.

Tarabelle (Donuts, Coffee Eats)

+62 819-2022-018 
A small children's corner in a café. It is set up outdoors but under a roof. There are swings, a slide, a woven climbing wall, and a box with crayons and small toys.

Ohana Bali Restaurant, Bar Kidsparadise

+62 813-3719-6337
On the restaurant premises, there are two play areas: a small indoor zone (complimentary with menu orders) and a spacious outdoor area. The cost for one child in the outdoor area is 100k, and for a second child, it's 50k. There is no time limit for the outdoor area. Nannies are available to watch over the children, but it's important to understand that the play structures may not be entirely safe, and three/four people may not be able to adequately supervise all children.
Additionally, there is an option to purchase a monthly pass.
On the playground, there is a sandpit area, slides, a trampoline, collapsible playhouses, and a wooden structure with nets and a climbing slide.

Graha Kithen

+6281228231587 (WA) 
Open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
This cafe is located at a hotel but is open to everyone. It has a children's area near the tables (under a roof) and an outdoor playground a bit further on the premises. There is also a pool that you can use by purchasing one of the offered packages (the offers are specified in one of the attached photos). These packages include one drink + a dish (different options in different packages) + a pool towel. The prices are 45k, 75k, and 100k.
You can use the children's area and playground by ordering something from the cafe's menu.
As for toys, there is a slide for the little ones, a synthesizer, a play kitchen, building blocks, puzzles, and other small items. On the playground, there is an unsafe wooden staircase leading to the descent from the yellow slide (please be careful, it's easy to slip there). There is also a trampoline and swings.

Roosterfish Beach Club

+62 811-3940-3588 
The Beach Club is located in the Pandawa area. It features a small outdoor children's area on the sand with swings and a slide for the little ones. There are also tables with chairs and some toys for the sandbox. In the children's pool, they occasionally hold foam parties and activities for the kids. Keep an eye on their Instagram announcements for details.

The next four establishments are located in Uluwatu:

Ulu Garden

+62 813-3954-5241
A great family restaurant with a children's menu, an outdoor play area (slide, climbing wall), and a space filled with toys (child-sized wicker furniture with fruits and vegetables, a cash register, tableware, building blocks, and other small toys). They cook delicious food and provide speedy service almost always. In the evenings, there's live music in the garden, along with a refreshing breeze.

Rolling Fork Padang Padang

+62 821-4795-1496
The Italian restaurant operates from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM and provides parking facilities.
The play area is located outdoors. In the evening, it's advisable to have mosquito repellent, and during the day, sun protection is recommended as the playground is open-air. Please note that the wooden structure on the playground is not entirely safe, so it's better not to leave the child unattended. Additionally, the limited number of toys available there may be somewhat worn.
In the neighboring establishment, Sugar Rock, there is a sandbox.

Habitat Village Uluwatu

+62 815-5757-692
A restaurant with excellent service, a diverse menu, delicious desserts, and a play area for children. The children's room is located in a semi-basement space, but there is no feeling of dampness inside. There are swings, a slide, and a bamboo structure for play. Children have space to climb and play, but there are not many toys available. In the dark photo, you can see two "pits" with colorful balls that children should avoid jumping into as it's not safe (the floor is hard).

The Cashew Tree

A healthy food restaurant - that's how many people describe it. It always has many visitors and guests with children because there's a fantastic playground at the back of the courtyard. Younger children can play with metal cookware in the sandbox, where there is a play kitchen, or swing on the swings. For older kids, there are play structures with climbing walls, nets, ropes, and slides. For many parents, the bright lizard at the entrance to the playground serves as a waiting bench and a meeting point! 😄
Review from Dari:
Today we visited the playground at Graha Kitchen, a cafe in Nusa Dua. To our surprise, there are plenty of activities to enjoy with your child - there are slides, a children's pool, and two play areas.
Phone: (0361) 778031
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