Pengempu Waterfall in the Tabanan area of Bali

Pengempu Waterfall is located near the Sangih Monkey Forest and Tamam Mumbul Sangih Park.
Photo: punapibali
If you live in Ubud and are looking for off-the-beaten-path places to spend some interesting and enjoyable time, you can visit this waterfall.
This is still an undiscovered place. Around 8-9 in the morning, there are almost no tourists here. The waterfall is not the largest or most impressive, but it's a peaceful place to relax.
The descent to the waterfall is short and made of fairly comfortable concrete steps. The climb to the parking lot from the waterfall takes 5-10 minutes.
There is still a voluntary donation system for admission. There is currently no entrance fee.
There is a small lagoon near the waterfall with warm and pleasant water for refreshing yourself. However, there are no changing rooms, so bring sarongs to cover yourself if you need to change clothes in the presence of other visitors.
There is a system of water sources for the Balinese purification ritual of Melukat near the waterfall. However, the water from them has a strange smell,so it's probably not advisable to drink it, even during Melukat.
A path from the parking lot leads to a fork. If you go left, you will come to the waterfall. If you go right, you can reach the riverbank with a pleasant spot for photography and swimming.

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