Leke Leke Waterfall

Leke Leke Waterfall
photo: jonnymelon
Leke Leke Waterfall is an excellent adventure for those who want to escape the city for a day and explore the Balinese landscapes.
Leke Leke is located in the central part of Bali. Finding the trail to the waterfall is quite simple from the main road, as there is a sign indicating the waterfall.
photo: jonnymelon
From there, you need to walk to the ticket booth and pay 50,000 rupiahs per person. This fee helps maintain the area around the waterfall in good condition. The parking itself is free.
The area around the waterfall is well-maintained and heavily decorated, resembling a themed Instagram park. Along the entire path down, guests will encounter art installations for photography, such as hearts, nests, a woven circle, and a gazebo. All of them are kept in good condition.
Right at the entrance, there is a small restaurant where you can buy drinking water or have a meal. You can relax there before or after your hike to the waterfall.
At the beginning of the descent, there are swings installed between two tall trees. However, the price for swinging is quite high - 150,000 rupiahs.
The trail to the waterfall is well-maintained with comfortable steps. A bamboo bridge is thrown across the river, which is a sight in itself. The path looks very authentic due to the use of natural materials during its creation, harmonizing with the park's atmosphere.
The descent is quite long because the road conveniently zigzags. You not only go down throughout the route but also walk through beautiful horizontal sections of the road. Therefore, both the descent and ascent are relatively easy. The way from the waterfall back up will take about 15 - 20 minutes, depending on your pace.
photo: jonnymelon
You will pass through gardens and plantations, including a small pineapple plantation. About 20 meters before the waterfall, there is a small comfortable platform on a hill. From there, you can take photos of the waterfall from a distance, sit on woven benches, or refresh your face in the stream of the holy water source. The water is clean, without any foreign odors.  
photo: jonnymelon
At first glance, Leke Leke looks like a stream of white satin with silver threads. Depending on the lighting, parts of this stream may be illuminated, while others remain in shadow.
Behind the column of falling water, you can find a small grotto naturally carved by the water.
The best light for photographing Leke Leke is between 12-1 pm when the sun shines into the area. The water in the lagoon is cool, pleasant, and refreshing, although slightly murky. The depth of the lagoon under the stream changes quite rapidly, and near the stream, you can enter the water up to your neck, so be careful if you don't swim.
On the way down to the waterfall, there is a relatively decent toilet. However, there are no changing cabins at the waterfall itself. Tourists change clothes there, covering themselves with towels. If you want a bit more convenience, bring a sarong for changing.
As you descend to the waterfall, you will come across a couple of huts where local residents sell young coconuts, which you can drink on the spot.
Leke Leke Waterfall is conveniently located on the way to North Bali or from the north. The nearest attractions in this area include the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Batulantang Waterfall, Bratan, Buyan, Tamblingan Lakes, Bedugul Botanical Garden, and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.
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