Osteopath, chiropractor in Bali

Daria Petrova-Belenko Facebook profile
Bayu's Healing Hands is a physiotherapist and acupressure specialist in Krobokan. Profile in FB
Adolf Brown's FB profile is a very good specialist. Works in Ubud at Yoga Barn.
Global Health Center On the map, Facebook
Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Sport Massage on call in Bali Sports Massage in Sanur Facebook
Zema Healing facebook
Danny+6287760387458. Comes to the house
Putu+62 813-3804-4592
Alexander Takes Instagram in Ubud, it is possible to travel to other areas. Telegram @kinesio_human Ilya Levashov Telegram @levashov_iliya
Tatiana Gogol Is hosting in Ubud. Telegram @tatigogol
Alina Shmeleva is an osteopath, healer and doula. It works with all ages, including newborns and pregnant women. He is engaged in craniosacral, fascial, and structural techniques with bones, fascia, ligaments, and internal organs. He also makes internal techniques. Telegram  @osteopathushka
Natalie is an osteopath from France. +62 878-6142-4744
Maria Konovalenkova Instagram
Bali Chiropractic - Kuta facebook
Ahli Patah Tulang Local Healer, fracture specialist - on the map
"Old man" - elderly osteopath I Nengah Sukhartha: contact person at Alila (0363) 41035 (likely speaks only Indonesian), thetraditionalbalinesehealer.blogspot.com; accepts clients on the premises of the Russian "Bali-Club" Dive Centre (Jalan Ray, Candidasa, 80851, +62 363 41166). Price is 500,000 IDR per person. Personally helped me (spinal problem) for a month.  
Abdi helped us, his phone numbers are +6287894042099 and +6281370431777. He lives in Nusa Dua but came to us in Seminyak on his motorbike. He speaks English well. He treats Australians, including weight loss. But he's great! He worked wonders for me and my husband. He uses Shiatsu techniques and Indonesian practices, and he is also a sportsman.  
Homeopathy and Osteopathy in Bali. I recommend Ravilia Baisheva. A homeopathic doctor and psychologist with 25 years of experience. Osteopath. Works with adults and children. WhatsApp: Tel +7 962 000 30 90 @ravilia_baisheva https://instagram.com/ravilia_baisheva?igshid=1rt8nayoo5zn8
I want to recommend a great osteopath. In 3 sessions, he helped me resolve even those issues that were not the initial reason for seeking help and that I had already accepted. He has also helped many of my acquaintances here, some of whom turned to him after serious injuries, including accidents.
In general, highly recommend Oleg Agape, a medical doctor and osteopath with advanced medical education, who practices near Ubud. He employs a comprehensive approach, providing exercises for self-correction and offering dietary recommendations in addition to osteopathic work.
He works with children, adults, pregnant women, and also conducts functional therapeutic training.
WhatsApp: +7 916 448-79-00 Telegram: @oleg_agape Instagram: https://instagram.com/oleg_agape
Guys, I want to share information about a great osteopath in Ubud, Esran Pasiba (with a slightly Russian surname). He came from Sulawesi and is indeed a very good specialist. If someone suffers from migraines, headaches, problems in the cervical or other parts of the spine, the consequences of injuries, poor blood circulation, or feels psychosomatic blocks/fears 'stuck' in the body because the body remembers everything, feel free to contact:
New Hope Jalan Tirta Tawar (#14) Kutuh Kelod, Ubud WhatsApp: +6282255554193
Review from Kirill:
Went to Gun’s massage therapy
If I were asked to describe it in two words, I would say "intense manual therapist."
There was a lot of cracking of various joints and vertebrae. At some point, I even thought he might break me (for context, I've changed 6 manual therapists/therapists/vertebrologists, and other scary words in my life, so I have something to compare with (though later I stopped going to them)).
The guy is interesting, you can feel that he knows his stuff, but still a bit intimidating. At the very least, because before the procedure, he doesn't even ask if there are any contraindications/injuries. Also, I didn't like that he pressed on the vertebrae with his fingers; I know from doctors that this should never be done.
In general, if I don't fall apart in a couple of days, I'll write about what has changed.
When I spoke with several very reputable osteopaths here in Bali, it turned out that none of them had any medical education. This is already unacceptable in such a delicate field as osteopathy.
We are athletes ourselves; my husband is from the world of du soleil. We have worked with a bunch of the best rehabilitation specialists, osteopaths, and massage therapists from the USA to Dubai throughout our lives. I have a great deal of experience in this field.
Tom works in the same technique, having studied it in Europe. This fact instilled trust in me. He found and resolved my complex problem from the very first session.
This is an absolutely honest review. I didn't know him personally; I found him in chats and messaged him directly.
Chiropractor in Sanur
Tidying Sanur (Bone Setting)
Amazing! He is a local healer, and he is the very best osteopath (and more) of all the ones I know. He lives a bit outside Ubud towards Gianyar, and I have already taken my whole family to see him.  
From Tori Medvedeva: +62 878-6142-4744 Natalie, a Frenchwoman WhatsApp
Specializes in working with women, especially internal adjustments of the pelvis, corrections after childbirth. Experienced, knows anatomy, can show on an atlas, provide recommendations.
Visited her pregnant, after childbirth, and with a child.
+62 877-6173-1200 Pak Jeru. Speaks only Indonesian. Write to him through a translator. This is his WhatsApp. His fee is around ~150,000-200,000, which is reasonable. A good master. Also works with sports injuries, including football players. He lives in Kemenuh, but I think he can come to you. 🙏  
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