On New Year's Eve, several streets in Kuta and Seminyak will be closed

In anticipation of the New Year celebration in Bali, the police have announced several changes in traffic in the Kuta and Seminyak areas. This is done to prevent traffic jams and ensure a safe and peaceful New Year celebration.
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The rules will come into effect on December 31 at 3:00 PM. At this time, traffic will be closed, and roads will be cleared of parked vehicles. Do not park in designated areas to avoid issues!
As in previous years, visitors to Kuta Beach and its surroundings are advised to walk from the central parking area to avoid congestion within the area. Additionally, the "open-closed" system will operate at the Patih Jelantik-Dewi Sri intersection, allowing traffic only to exit Kuta. It starts at 2:00 PM. Drivers following this scheme are recommended to park at the central parking or in a designated parking area and then walk to the beach.
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A total of seven intersections will be closed. Starting from the first point at the Patih Jelantik-Dewi Sri intersection. Traffic leading to Ground Zero is closed and redirected to Jalan Legian Kaja-Jalan Raya Seminyak.
The second point is at the Legian-Patimura intersection, where the traffic flow from Jalan Bene Sari is redirected north towards Si Doi and Jalan Patimura. The Mataram-Patimura intersection will also be closed, redirecting traffic towards Majapahit and Mataram.
The Kuta-Setia Budi intersections will also be closed. Traffic towards Kuta will be closed and redirected to Setia Budi.
At the fifth point at the Simpang Bemo Corner, the traffic towards Kuta Beach will be closed and redirected east to Jalan Raya Kuta.
At the sixth point, at the intersection of Jalan Raya Kuta and Bakung Sari, traffic towards Kuta Beach will be closed, and drivers will be directed north to Simpang Puseh-Temacun.
Finally, at Simpang Pasar Sen, traffic from Kartika Plaza to Kuta Beach will be closed and redirected to Tegal Wangi Street.
To regulate traffic, 60 Denpasar police officers will be involved.
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