On Bali, miracles happen during the full moon - the celebration of Purnama

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Every month on the Island of Gods and Demons, a special celebration takes place during which miracles occur.
You can not only participate in ceremonies, touch the beauty, but also take a step towards your dreams, fulfill secret desires, and discover an unknown world...
Purnama or the full moon is a special day for the residents of the island of Bali. Every month during the full moon, ceremonies are held here, as local Hindus believe that on this important day, gods descend to Earth, ready to hear the prayers of people and fulfill their wishes.
This day is considered the most auspicious day of the month. Hundreds of temples across the island hold elaborate ceremonies dedicated to Purnama. Their goal is to appease the gods, to whom offerings of fruits, flowers, and treats are presented in their honor.
In anticipation of the full moon day, preparations are made in advance by decorating temples and domestic shrines with protective yellow-white umbrellas, and getting ready for the ceremonies.
Puppet shows called "wayang kulit" are usually performed during full moons, along with traditional Balinese dance performances.
Festively dressed Balinese women carry multi-tiered towers made of fruits and flowers to numerous temples. In these temples, the lavish offerings are blessed and sprinkled with holy water by priests. The priests bless the worshippers, conducting various rituals using holy water, incense, rice grains, and flower petals.
In the evening of the full moon day, a ceremony dedicated to the goddess named Sang Hyang Candra is held. Its main purpose is to calm the mind, cool the thoughts, and prepare a person for a more delicate and soothing energy.
Among other things, Balinese people believe that ceremonies conducted during the full moon help the plants, making it possible to gather a bountiful harvest.
The holiday doesn't exclude the island's guests either. Many hotels and restaurants host "full moon celebrations," where dinner is served on the beach under the light of the full moon. Guests can enjoy not only delicious food but also beautiful music and traditional dance performances. They can even join in the lively rhythms of the music and dance themselves.
The moon's power also affects the numerous visitors of the island who have come here for surfing. After all, the strength of the tide depends on the moon. The difference in water level between high tide and low tide is very significant, and during high tide, the waves are more powerful than usual.
During these days and the ones closest to them, expect that there will be a significant amount of water during high tide, which might cover a large portion of the beach. On the other hand, during low tide, there will be very little water, and the ocean floor might be exposed down to the coral reef.
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