Nvidia Will Build an AI Center in Indonesia

The American chip manufacturing company Nvidia plans to build an artificial intelligence (AI) development center in Indonesia. The project is intended to be carried out in collaboration with the Indonesian cellular operator Indosat, which is the second largest in terms of subscribers in the country. The expected investment is $200 million, approximately 3 trillion Indonesian rupiahs.
Photo: teknologi.bisnis
The AI ​​center will be located in Central Java Province – in the city of Surakarta. As explained by the country's Minister of Communication, Budi Ari Setiadi, the location was chosen not by chance. According to him, there are necessary human resources and suitable 5G infrastructure in the area.
Indonesian Indosat, in turn, aims to become a pioneer in AI development in the country. A company representative, Steve Saerang, stated that the main goal is to create a center of advanced expertise in artificial intelligence in Surakarta. Such cooperation, in his opinion, will give a good boost to the development of technological infrastructure in Indonesia.
It is expected that the artificial intelligence center will be built in Surakarta by the end of 2024. It will simultaneously serve as a telecommunication and staffing company.
Indonesia is not the first country where Nvidia plans to implement such an initiative. For example, a data center supported by the operator Singtel is already under construction in Singapore.
Nvidia itself is currently the third most valuable company in the world by market capitalization. It began its history with the production of graphics chips for PCs. Today, Nvidia's developments have gained wide popularity in the video game industry, professional visualization, automotive industry, and high-performance computing.
Sources: ReutersTekno.kompas
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