Miss Fish. Omakase Restaurant in Bali

In the lively and bustling Berawa area, there are numerous restaurants and bars competing for the attention of a discerning audience. However, establishments with unique concepts always gain popularity because they offer not only delicious food but also entertainment.
Miss Fish, recently opened but already buzzing among omakase enthusiasts and food lovers, is a truly delightful place offering tasty rolls made from high-quality ingredients. It's a chic and elegant spot serving modern Japanese dishes with a Thai twist that will leave a lasting impression. A place where you can enjoy premium-class sushi and complement them with cocktails crafted with utmost dedication and expression by talented mixologists.
Moreover, you can dance to trendy DJ sets in the lounge. On Wednesdays, Miss Fish features live music performed by a jazz singer.
Omakase, translated from Japanese, means "I trust you," implying complete trust in the chef. Distinctive features include the absence of a menu, the uniqueness of each dish, making the dinner special and unforgettable. Of course, the chef already has an idea of the ingredients and delightful combinations, but you'll never receive a specific menu.
Omakase is always unique and prepared individually for each guest by the Spanish chef Carlos Barvo. The special touch of omakase is that, unlike other restaurants, you can sit across from the sushi chef and observe him preparing your dishes, demonstrating his skills, and sharing interesting stories. It's always an engaging dialogue as the chef talks about his experience and imparts knowledge.
My menu was quite interesting.
- Tom Yum Shiromi with white fish.
- Marinated shiitake mushrooms.
- Salmon sashimi.
- Peruvian ceviche.
- Hosomaki with truffle and salmon.
- Uramaki with foie gras.
Of course, plenty of sake!
After dinner, you can smoothly transition to the glamorous lounge with velvet sofas, dance to cool DJ sets, and enjoy original cocktails. I recommend the Kisaten Sensei - sake, coffee liqueur, amaretto, and salt.
Miss Fish has a separate patio where you can have a private moment or reserve it as a separate space for a large group (with the mandatory condition of spending a minimum amount).
Here, the Japanese restaurant transforms into a trendy club where all the Changgu elite gather. It has become a favorite spot for expats connected to F&B (food and beverage) business. The establishment opens its doors at 5 PM and operates until 3 AM, but the kitchen closes at 11 PM.
The bill for an omakase dinner can start from 180,000k per person and above. There's a different menu in the lounge. After 9 PM, lounge tables should be reserved in advance, preferably with a minimum spending requirement of 1,000,000 per person.
Interesting fact: Co-owner of the establishment is Robert Cavalli, the son of the famous Roberto Cavalli. You can often spot him in the restaurant.
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