Medical laboratories for taking tests in Bali

Prodia Lab

In Denpasar: +62 361 261001
In Singaraja: +62 362 24516
Prodia has a network of medical services located in 37 provinces across Indonesia. The largest network of laboratories is on the island of Bali, with the main office located in Denpasar. Some complex analyses can be performed in Bali, but if necessary, they are sent to laboratories in Singapore.
Most medical clinics collaborate with Prodia. For example, BIMC clinic has their mini-laboratory where simple and quick analyses are conducted, and complex analyses are sent to Denpasar.
The home blood collection service provided by Prodia is designed to facilitate and ensure the comfort of patients. To conveniently order the home blood collection service, you can download the Prodia Mobile app. After registering in the app, you can find and order the required test, then choose the Home Service option to have the analysis done at your home. The Home Service is provided free of charge.
You can get a complete blood count at the clinic within 2 hours without a referral, and the cost is 500,000 IDR.

Niki Diagnostic Center

Denpasar: (0361) 425333
Seminyak: (0361) 9346302
The diagnostic center provides outpatient medical services and meticulous laboratory results backed by professional equipment and experts.
The center also offers on-call services such as Doctor on Call, nurses, ambulance services, physiotherapists, and sample collection for laboratory tests.
Another interesting service is online consultations with doctors in English through mobile devices. This way, you can access medical information from experts in real-time.
A complete blood count in the clinic will cost you 385,000 IDR.
Operating hours: From 07:00 to 21:00 for sample collection and from 07:00 to 22:00 for obtaining laboratory test results.

Caya Laboratory Clinic

WhatsApp: +62 361 8957 787
Caya Laboratory Clinic started its operations in 2011, specializing in providing various services in clinical research and diagnostics. The main focus is on X-rays, ultrasound examinations, and ECG.
A distinctive feature of this laboratory is the absence of long queues, especially in the morning. It is essential to note that sometimes there might be difficulties with card payments, possibly due to technical reasons.
The cost of a complete blood count analysis is 380,000 IDR, and results are sent by email within two hours.
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 21:00, Sunday is a day off.

Quantum Diagnostic Center

WhatsApp: +6282144061200
The laboratory uses modern equipment and has experienced medical staff, ensuring accurate and reliable test results. It also collaborates with various clinics where you can receive consultations and treatment from experienced doctors. Home care services are also available.
It's important to consider that some analyses may take time as they are sent to Jakarta for examination. However, this laboratory provides an opportunity for a comprehensive health check.
It's worth noting that the friendly service in this laboratory creates a positive impression. Prices here are reasonable: a complete blood count costs from 280,000 IDR, and there are often promotions to watch out for.
Working hours:
Monday - Saturday: 07:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 07:00 - 17:00

Bio Medika Laboratory

Phone: +62 361 8491 077; +62 361 8491 078
In Denpasar, there is a branch of a large laboratory network from Jakarta, specializing in various medical examinations. Here, you can undergo X-ray examinations, blood tests, PCR tests, and other medical procedures to assess your health.
Bio Medika offers a comprehensive range of medical examinations aimed at maintaining your health and identifying potential risks at early stages. The facility is clean, looks neat, the service is at a high level, and the prices remain affordable. For example, a blood test can be done for just 300,000 IDR.
Working hours: from 07:00 to 21:00, Sunday is a day off.

Laboratorium Klinik PRAMITA

Phone: +623614456773
PRAMITA is a well-known medical laboratory and clinic that started its operation in Surabaya in 1987. Since then, it has grown significantly and now has several branches. PRAMITA Laboratory provides a wide range of medical services, including over a thousand types of analyses. These procedures include various clinical studies, X-ray examinations, electrodiagnostics, and other clinical services.
Convenience in making appointments is provided through the PRAMITA MOBILE mobile application, which can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. This app facilitates access to services and simplifies the examination process.
Modern tools and equipment are provided here. The waiting room has a comfortable interior. Research results are usually ready quickly.
PRAMITA regularly offers promotions; for example, a complete blood count can cost only 400,000 IDR. Home service is also available.
Working hours: Monday-Friday 06:00 - 21:00, Saturday 06:00 - 20:00, Sunday is a day off.

Medira Medical Clinic Canggu

WhatsApp: +62 822-8888-7062
The medical center offers a diverse range of services in various medical fields. General practitioners are ready to provide primary care, including in urgent situations, conduct diagnostics, and offer comprehensive patient management. If you need medical assistance at home, the clinic provides a doctor's home visit service.
Various laboratory tests are also offered here, including hormone tests, general blood tests, and other necessary procedures. Clients emphasize the prompt responses from staff via WhatsApp.
Working hours: Daily from 08:00 to 21:00


WhatsApp: +62 811-3834-475
The medical facility offers an extensive range of comprehensive laboratory tests, including basic blood tests for infections such as dengue fever, typhoid fever, and tests to detect traveler's diarrhea, as well as diagnostic tests for STIs and other medical indicators.
During the service, you can discuss your symptoms with a doctor. The specialist will determine which package of tests or diagnostic test is best for you or suggest individual treatment to effectively address your health issues.
Clients note very fast service and caring staff.
Service Costs:

BaliMed Canggu Clinic

WhatsApp: +62 855-3906-508
BaliMed is a medical center with its own laboratories, where an experienced team of doctors and lab technicians works closely with clinicians to provide accurate and comprehensive diagnostic results. The clinic offers a wide range of tests, and the staff strives to perform them quickly, even without prior appointments.
Operating 24/7 without the need for appointments, the doctors are always ready to provide assistance and answer patients' questions even after the visit, via phone or WhatsApp. The hospital's laboratory services include blood transfusion, clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology and serology, clinical pathology, cytopathology, hematology, histopathology, genetics, molecular biology.

Kasih Ibu General Hospital Saba

Kasih Ibu Saba Hospital was founded in 2016, and from January 2, 2018, it started providing services for tumor marker research and tumor examination in patients. The hospital's laboratories provide information and services for effective medical care. They guarantee that the necessary tests will be conducted at the right time, leading to accurate results to help medical professionals make the right diagnosis.
Various analyses are performed in the laboratory, including complete blood counts, hematology, blood type + Rh factor, blood smears, cholesterol tests, liver function tests, electrolytes, hepatitis B and C screenings, thyroid function tests, hormone tests, and tumor markers.
Working hours: 08:00 to 22:00, Sunday closed.


- WhatsApp: +62 361 3000911
- WhatsApp: +62 361 761263
- WhatsApp: +62 361 2091030
Founded in 1998 on the island of Bali, the BIMC hospital group aims to provide world-class medical services. The clinic offers diagnostic services, analyses, and 24/7 result availability through specialists in their own laboratory. Nurses specializing in dialysis at BIMC are experienced and professional. The clinic is known for its friendly and hospitable approach.
Some patients mention possible long waiting times, although the clinic accepts patients by appointment through insurance and does not bill for minor consultations.

The Medical Canggu


WhatsApp: +62 812 370 77373
The clinic provides a wide range of laboratory services for diagnosing and treating various diseases. The staff is well-trained in blood sample collection procedures, ensuring reliable results. You can undergo various blood tests here. The service is organized efficiently, and the nurses are friendly and ready to help. The cleanliness of the premises creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Laboratorium Diagnos

WhatsApp: +62 855-1500-358
Diagnos Laboratory specializes in conducting high-tech medical examinations with a focus on accurate and reliable results. They provide a wide range of tests to meet various patient needs. An important feature of Diagnos is the ability to collect blood samples for hormones and general analysis directly at patients' homes. The test results can be conveniently sent via email. The laboratory also offers antigen testing with rapid result delivery, available through WhatsApp just 15 minutes after the test. One of the offered examinations is a discounted complete blood count (CBC) priced at 259 IDR.
Working hours: Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 21:00, Saturday and Sunday - weekends.

Puri Medical Clinic

WhatsApp: +62 85-100-103-103
What started as a small family practice by Dr. Ni Gene Lantiningsih in the Kerobokan area of Bali in 2012 has grown into a medical institution that operates 24/7, serving both local residents and tourists in the area. Today, Puri Medical has become a reliable and qualified medical institution known as Puri Medical Clinic (PMC). PMC is licensed to provide various medical services, including emergency care, a 24-hour outpatient clinic, a dental department, a laboratory, and ambulance services. The clinic collaborates with the local laboratory center Kyoai Bali to provide a wide range of laboratory tests. Using laboratory technologies from Japan, quality control of laboratory tests is ensured at all stages of the process. Over the years, the laboratory has successfully undergone independent external and internal quality control, guaranteeing result accuracy. The time to receive laboratory test results varies from 30 minutes to several hours or days, depending on the type of test conducted.

Helix Lab

WhatsApp: +628119980268
Helix Labs represent a network of medical laboratories operating in Indonesia. These laboratories specialize in providing various medical services, including analyses and examinations with a focus on accuracy and result reliability. The doctors and specialists at Helix are highly qualified and prompt in providing information.
Working hours: Daily from 07:00 to 21:00

SOS Medika Clinic

WhatsApp: +62 361 720 100
For over 35 years, SOS Medika has been providing a wide range of comprehensive medical services, including 24/7 physician support, specialists, emergency assistance, and a well-equipped pharmacy. The clinic features its own modern laboratory, offering various laboratory services in hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, cytology, and histology.
Operating around the clock, SOS Medika provides comprehensive primary and emergency medical care, serving both locals and foreigners. Experienced general practitioners and dentists work in the clinic, and there is access to on-call specialists and international medical consultations through the assistance center.
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