Luggage storage in Bali. Where to leave things for a while?

In Bali, there are numerous companies offering storage services in special rooms or storage facilities. These spaces can be used for both long-term and short-term storage needs, such as during a move or temporary change of residence. The services can indeed be helpful in various situations, for instance, if you're coming to Bali for the winter only or frequently travel between multiple countries. Renting a villa just to store your surfboard, bike, and large monitor might not be the most financially sound idea, and your belongings won't truly appreciate it.
Local services offer both relatively large storage spaces and compact storage units. The rental duration can also vary. Naturally, the shorter the period, the more expensive the daily storage cost. If you plan to use the services of one of these storage companies, read the following recommendations.

Tips for packing

1. Make sure all items are clean and dry before packing to prevent mold.
2. Disassemble items or furniture that can be taken apart to facilitate their movement and optimize storage space. Remember to pack all bolts and screws from furniture in separate bags.
3. Wrap small items and place them inside furniture or other large appliances.
4. Wrap furniture with fabric or plastic to protect it from dust. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and secure with tape to prevent damage.
5. Ensure everything is thoroughly dried before placing it in storage to prevent mold.
6. If you plan to store clothing, linens, other fabrics, sofas, mattresses:
a) They should be completely dry.
b) We recommend wrapping and sealing them.
c) It's advisable to use mothballs to protect fabrics.
7. All wooden furniture should be treated against termites before storage, for example, with products like Latrek 400EC or Agenda 25EC.
8. When storing motorcycles, lawnmowers, and garden equipment, drain any liquids to avoid corrosion damage.
9. Use protective covers when storing stoves, washing machines, or refrigerators.
10. When storing business documents and inventory, label all boxes and create pathways between them so that labels are easily visible and accessible.
11. Seal cardboard boxes with tape before placing them in storage. Place heavier items below and fragile items on top.
12. Ensure that boxes are securely placed and won't fall (yes, earthquakes do occur in Bali).
13. Place items you may need closer to the entrance. Create pathways for easy access to your belongings.

Popular storage services

World Safe Service

Self Storage Bali - Word Safe Service - is a storage facility equipped with ventilation, maintaining a special temperature regime necessary for storing items in enclosed spaces for an extended period. The warehouse is located on the road to Ubud in an art gallery building, where conditions for storing paintings are also observed. Currently, two additional floors with boxes of various sizes have been built in it.
The facility is equipped with constant security, comprehensive CCTV surveillance, industrial air dehumidifiers, temperature sensors, and undergoes regular disinfection. The storage units can be adjusted to accommodate the required volume.
Each storage box is secured with an individual padlock, which you can bring yourself or purchase from their office. Additionally, you can buy branded plastic containers with rubberized lids at their office and pack your items directly into them.

Bali self storage

They offer three different sizes of storage units, and their dimensions are depicted in the picture. They provide a convenient additional service for truck rental, offering boxes, and materials necessary for storing your belongings. The company will not have access to your unit; it is secured with your own lock, and only you will have the keys, unless legal access is required. Locks are also available for purchase.
Address: Teuku Umar West Str. No 987, on the "Marlboro" road
Kerobokan - BALI - INDONESIA 80361
Phone: 62-859 3526 2999

Sunset Storage

Actually, the prices and approximate appearance of the storage facilities are clear from the photographs. You will have your own and only key to the storage facility, and 24-hour security is provided. The website has a convenient form for contacting and renting premises. There is no active ventilation in the rooms.
WhatsApp: +628123847690
Open from 08:00 to 18:00 except Sunday

T4mpat Self Storage Kerobokan

Location (Kerobokan)
Location (Denpasar)
The company has two warehouses: one in Denpasar and the other in Kerobokan. There is 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance. Small storage cells are available for luggage storage at a cost of 45k per day, 200k per week, and 450k per month.
Storage for motorbikes is possible, starting from 250,000 per month, and surfboard storage is available for 150,000 per month. Like in other storage facilities, access to the unit is exclusive to you, and locks can be purchased on-site for 50,000 rupiahs. Convenient trolleys are provided for moving your belongings, and there's easy access for trucks directly to your unit. Shelves can be installed upon request. The detailed price list is available on the website, with storage costs starting from 400k per month. There are no air-conditioned units.
WhatsApp: 0811 388 1842


The company, operating in Bali for 12 years, specializes in storing small items such as surfboards, suitcases, and similar moderately-sized objects. They offer the option to wrap items in plastic, similar to airport services, at a cost of 40,000 rupiahs. Conveniently, they are located near the airport.
Here are the rates:
- 60,000 IDR per day
- 250,000 IDR for 1 week
- 300,000 IDR for 2 weeks
- 400,000 IDR for 3 weeks
- 470,000 IDR for 4 weeks
- 600,000 IDR for 8 weeks
- 750,000 IDR for 3 months
- 1,100,000 IDR for 6 months
- 1,500,000 IDR for 7 months to 1 year.
There is a condition: if you don't pay for storage for more than 6 months, your property will be sold to cover the storage fees. It's quite a radical policy.
You can book the service through the form on their website:

Bali Luggage Storage Network

Another company that will gladly store your suitcases and other small items. Among other things, they also rent out bikes, probably because they are very close to the airport. They also offer a fairly long list of services: car rental, island tours, translation services, Wi-Fi, and a charging station. The premises are equipped with ventilation, ensuring room temperature.
WhatsApp: +62 8517 249 1244
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