Local residents attacked foreigners near a beach club in Bali

An aggressive crowd of local residents beat two foreign citizens with sticks in Bali. A video of this incident has widely circulated on social media. It happened in Berawa in front of the Atlas beach club. According to available information, a club security guard made a remark to one of the tourists, who became angry and hit him in the face. Then the tourists got into a fight with another approaching security guard and ran out onto the street.
A beach club staff member raised the alarm, and aggressively minded local residents began to gather on the street. In the 27-second video, the crowd can be seen chasing the tourists, hitting them with sticks, while the foreigners try to get into a car.
As the situation worsened, Atlas club security contacted the North Kuta police. Law enforcement arrived at the scene and took the injured foreigners to RSD Mangusada Hospital.
Badung Police Chief Teguh Priyo Wasono explained that the conflict was initiated by two Australians with the initials MJS (32 years old) and MM (39 years old), as well as two local club security staff members MAS (29 years old) and H (29 years old). Both foreigners are travelers staying at a hotel in Seminyak.
Teguh said that the tourists have not yet filed a complaint, but the incident will still be investigated. Local authorities, as well as Bali.Live, strongly recommend avoiding conflicts with Indonesians, especially involving violence. Attacking a local citizen can lead to imprisonment for a foreigner, and local residents are always ready to defend their own.
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