List of popular online stores in Indonesia

As of 2023
The topic of Indonesian online stores is quite relevant for Bali because there is a shortage of many things on the island, including electronics. People even have difficulty finding a regular monitor. If you order from abroad, there will be substantial customs duties, and shipping costs can also add up significantly.
If you're planning to purchase a specific item, it's a good idea to check its availability in several online stores. Prices may vary slightly.
Here is a list of reputable Indonesian online stores.
Source: iprice
Here is a translation of your list of Indonesian online stores:
  1.  Convenient filtering and sorting. Many delivery options. Tokopedia has a good seller and product rating system. It's easy to choose a seller since they care about their reputation, ensuring you receive the product and receive positive reviews. So, in terms of reliability (whether they will send the item or not, whether it's damaged or not), you can be confident.
  2. Shopee   Similar to Tokopedia. It also has a rating and review system. Many sellers list their products on both platforms, and sometimes one may be slightly cheaper or offer free delivery. It's worth comparing. Shopee often offers the option of cash on delivery (COD). You can also choose English language.
  3.  It's a platform with various stores rather than individual sellers. It offers a wide range of products, including electronics, home goods, fashion, and more.
  4. Bukalapak  Another aggregator similar to Tokopedia. It offers products for the home, electronics, and even bike and car parts. It has a rating and review system, and the search function works well. There are plenty of delivery options.
  5. Orami  Another online store. The website seems designed for mobile devices, and it might not be very user-friendly on a computer. The product range is somewhat limited, and ratings are only available for stores, not individual products.
  6. A large and well-organized online store offering electronics, clothing, fashion, and more.
  7. Ralali  A Tokopedia alternative with slightly different design. The search function may not be as efficient, as it often shows related products that don't match the initial search.
  8. It focuses on clothing, bags, and shoes, featuring both well-known and local brands available offline in supermarkets.
  9. JD.ID A large online supermarket offering a wide range of products. It includes items not found on other platforms and also provides services like flight bookings, hotel reservations, mobile top-ups, and gift codes.
  10. Sociolla A cosmetics store's website.
  11. A large and impressive online store specializing in electronics but also offering household items, children's items, and more. It's user-friendly and features many reviews.
  12. JakartaNotebook Despite its name, it offers not only electronics but also various other products.
  13. Matahari Mall An Indonesian online shopping mall similar to Lazada. You can also find it offline in Kuta and Denpasar.
Private Seller Platforms:
  • Formerly, it's a significant classifieds platform like eBay.
  • Kaskus The largest platform in Indonesia for private sellers and also the biggest Indonesian forum.
Specialized Stores:
  • Pemmz Laptops, computers, and custom laptop assembly. They offer delivery to Bali and have good reviews.
  • A specialized camera store with almost everything, competitive prices, and often very affordable delivery.
  • Tokocamzone Another online store for photo/video equipment. Prices for many items are lower than on, and the delivery is often much cheaper.
  • Also, a store for musical equipment.
  • An online store for dogs in Jakarta. They offer delivery throughout Indonesia.
Online Stores of Offline Supermarkets:
  • HyperMart They have a large store in Bali Galeria and offer online shopping with delivery.
  • IKEA Indonesia There's an offline store in the center of Kuta, but you can only buy small items there (dishes, toys, decor), and most products still need to be ordered online.
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