Legian, Bali

Legian Beach; photo: Bali-Indonesia


photo: Expedia
Legiana Beach is the second most popular among many novice tourists after Kuta Beach. It is located between Kuta and Seminyak. In spirit, this is something transitional from Kuta to Seminyak.


The distance from the airport to the Legian area is 5-7 kilometers. Depending on the traffic, it can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to travel from the airport to Legian.
One inconvenience in Legian is the abundance of narrow streets, many of which are one-way. As a result, traffic jams from taxi queues are not uncommon here.
Public Transport
In Legian, there is a network of buses called "Kura-Kura." There are several stops in this network, including Bali Mandira Resort, Padma Resort, and Legian Paradiso Hotel. However, if you want to stay more mobile, consider renting a bike or using online taxi services like Grab, Go Jek, or the official Blue Bird taxi.


Just like Kuta, Legian was a humble Balinese fishing village in the recent past. Bright seaside coconut groves and traditional fishing huts adorned its landscape for a long time. Now, those spaces are taken up by five and four-star resort hotels with beach clubs.
For many newcomers, Legian is perceived as similar to Kuta. However, taking a stroll through its winding streets during the day or visiting Double Six Beach in the evening reveals its unique character.
In Balinese, "Legian" means "sweet."
If you're in Legian for the first time, it might be a bit challenging to find specific attractions or activities beyond the beach, shopping, and restaurants.
Legian combines a bit of the nightly and unpretentious madness of Kuta with the more sophisticated leisure characteristic of Seminyak. Certainly, Legian attracts many with its nightlife. At the same time, Legian is not as noisy as Kuta.
This combination makes it a good area for a mid-range tourist who would like to dedicate their vacation to taking the first steps in surfing. Legian offers favorable conditions for surfing beginners, including comfortable waves and sandy bottoms.


In Legian, there are several truly wonderful hotels at a good price. Among them, it's worth mentioning The Bandha Hotel & Suites, Padma Resort Legian, Rama Residence Padma, Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort, The Magani Hotel And Spa, and Ossotel Legian.
The Bandha Hotel & Suites
Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort
Padma Resort Legian
Also, in contrast to the nearby Kuta, there are genuinely interesting and beautiful villas and villa complexes here in Legian.
Legian has several inexpensive guesthouses that can be booked daily or monthly.
Tom Guest House
Kubu Carik
Tanaya Bed & Breakfast
If you liked any of them and would like to stay for an extended period, ask the manager for a discount. Sometimes, discounts of up to 50% can be negotiated.
If you're looking for extremely affordable yet comfortable and stylish accommodation, consider hostels in Legian, such as M Boutique Hostel Legian, Borough Capsule Hostel Bali, and Nine Dollar Hostel.


For most entertainment options, it's worth considering the nearby areas - Kuta and Seminyak. In Kuta, you'll find inexpensive clubs and bars, malls, cinemas, and water parks. In Seminyak, there are more upscale clubs.
The Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak area is not as rich in attractions. However, Legian has fewer attractions compared to the others.
Surf imitation
Armada Flow House; Photo: Info Wisata Kintamani Bali
Armadа Flow House - offers an attraction for riding and simultaneously a small restaurant. Throughout the year, it provides artificial flawless waves. Riding on them is equally interesting for both adults and children. Prices start from 300,000 rupees per hour.

SPA and massage

There are quite a lot of massage parlors in Legian. But among them there are 4 most recommended and high-quality ones.
Rehat Massage and Reflexology; Photo: Asian Itine

Shops and markets

Garlic Lane
Located between Kuta and Seminyak, Legian boasts interesting places within walking distance. Just a short distance away from the beach street and Legian streets, there are crowded art shops and restaurants. The luxurious shopping centers of Kuta are a 10-15 minute drive away.
Garlic Lane, named after the restaurant of the same name on Sahadewa Street, is a famous shopping street. Garlic Lane stretches for 200 meters and is home to art shops and boutiques. This street connects the restaurant street of Padma and the Mertanadi art market on Melasti Street.
The range of souvenirs here is similar to other shopping streets in Bali. Paintings, batik, masks, magnets, and keychains are easily found. In terms of less cultural items, embroidered baseball caps, sports shirts, and cheap sunglasses are popular items. Some shops have fixed prices, while others allow and even encourage bargaining. There are shops that stay open until late at night, while others close at sunset.
Mertanadi art market
If you're not afraid to haggle and explore the Mertanadi Art Market, it's an excellent place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. This relatively large open market is located on Melasti Street. Here, you can find traditional textiles such as batik or ikat in the most incredible colors. Home decor items include shadow puppet dolls, colorful fans, an endless assortment of Balinese paintings, and carved wooden ornaments. The key is to keep your wits about you when you see beautiful things. Remember the three main rules of the Balinese market - negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate again.
If you want to buy branded clothing and simply stroll through civilized and spacious malls, it's better to go to Kuta. The best choices would be malls like Beachwalk, Discovery, and Lippo Mall.


- Moderately expensive
- Main restaurant of Padma Resort. Excellent breakfasts with fresh ingredients. A wide selection of Japanese and Balinese food. Bread is baked specifically for the restaurant.
- Moderately expensive
- Authentic Thai restaurant. A small and cozy place with an interesting design. Individual huts with palm leaf roofs create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.
- Inexpensive
- They cook very deliciously, with portions that are challenging to finish, and the service is at a high level, with absolutely reasonable prices.
- Moderately expensive
- Excellent chicken and avocado risotto, as well as salmon and pork.
- Moderately expensive
- Part of the Nixoma hotel. Excellent breakfast with a variety of vegetarian options.
- Inexpensive
- Fresh salad rolls with excellent ingredients. Amazing cold coffee. Good for breakfast.
- Moderately expensive
- Excellent fish - mahi-mahi, pepes ikan. Shrimps in garlic sauce are highly recommended.
- Moderately expensive
- Besides being a restaurant, it is also a beach club.
- Moderately expensive
- Tiramisu, just like in sunny Italy, and perfect lasagna. A place worth visiting for those who love Italian cuisine.
- Moderately expensive
- Delicious, juicy tuna, and a voluminous seafood basket. Excellent place with pleasant prices, good portions, and, most importantly, tasty!
- Moderately expensive
- A rich selection of traditional Japanese dishes, a sophisticated style, delicious food, slightly above-average prices, with some dishes priced per 100 grams, so be attentive. Very tasty sushi and rolls!!!
- Moderately expensive
- Perfect cuisine, especially pasta and seafood. Everything is very tasty, only the freshly squeezed juices are not very good. Highly recommended are the chicken satay with a fantastic sauce.
- Moderately expensive
- Excellent coffee and banana bread. The best satay with lemongrass in Bali. A great place for lunch.
- Moderately expensive
- Good service. Beef tataki is highly recommended. Pleasant atmosphere and beautiful restaurant design.


The Legian Beach stretches for 2 kilometers, starting from Kuta. According to various sources, it extends from Bene Lane or Melasti Street to Double Six Street in the north.
Here, the sand is not as light as in Kuta and is darker due to volcanic sand. However, it is still not as gray as in Seminyak, Canggu, and Changgu.
Similar to Kuta, there are plenty of sunbeds with umbrellas available for rent, and surfboards are also available for rent. Improvised beach bars offer cold Bintang beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Masseurs, manicurists, and hair braiders also wander along the beach.
However, there is a significant difference from Kuta beach. The road separating the beach from the hotel and residential areas is not used by mass transport. Therefore, it is more convenient for walking and is quieter. To the north of Legian Beach are the Double Six Beaches (Blue Ocean), half a kilometer of beach accompanied by restaurants with vibrant bean bags on the shore, comfortable and popular for sunset gatherings.


In Legian, there is a recommended surfing spot called Padma, located in front of the Padma Hotel.
It's a good beach break with both left and right waves. The crowd is relatively sparse. When the swell is good, the right wave can barrel. The left wave is quite long. The best tide is also medium.


ATMs and currency exchange offices are everywhere, but be cautious with both. Use ATMs installed within bank branches if you want to avoid falling victim to cyber fraud.
When exchanging money, carefully check the final amount given by the money changer.


For tourists living in Legian, it is convenient to use medical clinics in Kuta. In Kuta, there are several medical clinics, with the most reputable being BIMC and SOS.
BIMC Hospital Kuta: 100X Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta; T: (0361) 761 263; (0361) 300 3911; info@bimcbali.com; bimcbali.com.
SOS Medika Klinik: 505X Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta; T: (0361) 720 100; bali.clinic@internationalsos.com; internationalsos.com.
These clinics are often recommended for travelers seeking medical treatment covered by insurance.
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