Kuta Beach

Photo: Shirley Khor
Atmosphere and surroundings
Multi-kilometer beach. Kuta Beach is great for walking in the mornings and evenings. A great place to come for one or two surf lessons for beginners. Spot especially for beginners, no reefs, sand, comfortable waves, not big. The sunset is beautiful. But it’s not always possible to see the sun setting over the sea - you have to look at the weather.
The water is rarely clear and is not suitable for swimming, unless it gurgles a little. If you want to relax in Bali and swim in clean water, this is not the place.
Medium beige, fairly soft and pleasant sand.
Weather and tides
The tides here are quite strong, but they don’t particularly interfere with swimming.
During the rainy season, the beach is cleaned every day, but this is not enough, there is a lot of garbage in the water.
Convenient access. The beach starts right behind Kuta Beach Street.
The big disadvantage is that there are so many locals, you can’t sit down and relax properly. If you sit somewhere, you will quickly be surrounded by 5 merchants. In an hour, people may come up to you ten times offering to braid your hair, apply henna, or buy a bow and arrows. Lots of annoying beach boys who try to seduce tourists and woo them for money. The beach is quite overloaded with vacationers during the season. At sunset it turns into a human anthill.
There is parking for scooters for 2,000. Boards from 50 thousand per day. shower, toilet or wash your feet 3,000 rupees.
There are many surfboard rentals and many surf schools in Kuta. There are sun lounger rentals, massages, drinks sales and other services everywhere. Drinks and snacks are available on the beach. There are parking lots for bikes. Opposite the beach there is a Hard Rock cafe and a Pizza Hut.
There are a lot of student surfers here, be careful they don't hit you with their board. They themselves still have little control over their movements. There are rescuers, they mark safe places with flags. There are also sometimes rip currents here, so be careful and don’t swim too far! There are often strong waves. You can’t leave your things because those who offered you an umbrella or a sunbed look at them askance. In principle, you can approach them and agree to leave things with them, but no one is responsible for their safety.
Nearby there is a very good Beachwalk shopping center and streets selling clothes, shoes and souvenirs. There are many cafes and restaurants, hotels and mini-hotels, and a little further away there is a street of clubs and bars.
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