Kitsuné's Innovative Collaboration with Savaya in Canggu

On May 17th, a new world-class venue, Desa Kitsune, spanning 5000 square meters, is opening in Canggu. A creative collaboration between Desa Kitsuné and the Savaya Group presents four unique space symbolizing the brand's commitment to innovative design and a creative approach.
Former Daft Punk music group manager Gildas Loaec and architect Masaya Kuroki, inspired by the unique cultural essence of Tokyo and Paris, created the Maison Kitsuné brand, which combines the worlds of music, fashion, and cafes.
The word "kitsune" in Japanese means "fox." In Japanese culture, this animal symbolizes versatility: according to legend, the fox has the ability to change its appearance.
Desa, which means "village" in Indonesian, is a place offering immersion into the brand's universe. It's like a mini-village that you never want to leave, a true gem nestled in the heart of Canggu. The beautifully designed space, surrounded by lush greenery, blends luxury and simplicity simultaneously.
Within this space, there is Cafe Kitsune. Today, Maison Kitsuné and Café Kitsuné brands are represented in 38 boutiques, with 21 cafes in 14 cities across 11 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.
There's the Mediterranean restaurant, INA RÉ, opening on May 20th. The menu will feature aromatic paella, ceviche, and succulent grilled meat dishes.
Then, there's the Maison Kitsune boutique itself. And the Desa Kitsune space with a pool, where you can enjoy food, drinks, and amazing music from world-class DJs.
There is a French expression "Art de vivre," which literally means "Art of Living" – this is the company's motto.
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