KITAS Holders are Required to Submit Tax Returns by March 31st

By March 31st, holders of the Indonesian KITAS visa are required to submit their tax report. This applies to those who officially earn income in Indonesia and have a taxpayer identification number (NPWP). LegalIndonesia agency shared this information.
If you have such a number, you are considered a tax resident of Indonesia and must submit your income report for 2023 as soon as possible.
The thing is, in this case, two parties are responsible for paying taxes: the company that was the source of income and the individual who received the money, which is you. This is a kind of double control by the state.
In theory, the company that transfers payment to you is required to deduct the tax and pay it on its own. But if this was not done, you must yourself pay the necessary amount based on your personal annual report.
The taxpayer identification number (NPWP) is a document that everyone who earns income in Indonesia must obtain. Violation of this requirement is punishable by a fine. In the best case, it will be twice the unpaid amount, and in the worst case, four times. Repeat violation may result in even more serious punishment, including up to 6 years in prison.
For assistance in preparing your personal tax report for 2023, you can contact LegalIndonesia. Specialists will answer additional questions and help fill in the necessary fields:
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