Kelingking Beach Tragedy: One Dead After Tourists Swept Away by Powerful Waves

Three tourists were swept away by powerful waves while swimming at Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida. One person died, and two others were injured in the incident.
Photo: antara
The three foreigners were swimming at Kelingking Beach, which is notoriously difficult to access. To reach this beach, considerable effort is required. If you remember the famous cliff on Nusa Penida Island, you can imagine how challenging it is to descend 182 meters to the beach. This did not deter the tourists from Qatar. Despite warning signs on the beach, they began swimming there. They were swimming near the shore when suddenly, a large wave hit and dragged them into the ocean. As a result, one man, Abdulaziz Sami D. A. Al-Mannai, 30, died. The other two tourists survived with injuries.
The victims were rescued from the water by a rescue team and then transported to the hospital by helicopter. They are currently receiving medical treatment in Kuta. The body of the deceased was taken to a hospital in Denpasar for preparation for transportation back to Qatar.
Anyone visiting this world-renowned beach should remember that it is unsafe for swimming at any time. Even if the waves seem small, there is a strong and turbulent undertow. Regardless of the tide, time of day, or your confidence, it is best not to enter the water at this beach. While Bali's search and rescue teams respond promptly, the high and turbulent waves at this section of the coast often claim lives faster.
Previously, the beach had been declared unsafe and even closed to tourists. However, those eager to swim ignored the bans.
Not everyone dares to make the descent, so the beach remains untouched and sparsely populated. However, this characteristic may soon become outdated, as a glass elevator is being constructed to facilitate the descent to the water. This beach justifiably earns the title of "eerily beautiful" due to frequent reports of tourist fatalities at this location. Currently, the only amenities are a wooden staircase with makeshift railings, which can be quite dangerous to use.
Many are surprised by the plan to build an elevator that will bring large numbers of tourists to a deadly beach every day.
Sources: instagramantara
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