Glass Elevator and Luxury Living: Nusa Penida's New Development Boom!

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A drone video shot in the area of the famous Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida has stirred up not only the Balinese but all of Indonesia. And it’s not about the stunning views. The footage clearly shows a giant construction site right on the cliff. The first layer of vegetation and soil has already been removed, replaced by flat and developed cement foundation blocks. It turns out that the details of this construction project are not fully known even to local authorities.
The head of Nusa Penida district, Kadek Yoga Kesuma, stated only that the project is a residential development. He received this information from the Klungkung District Environmental and Land Protection Service. The permit request was made back in 2019.
The head of the Bunga village on Nusa Penida, where the construction was discovered, Mekar Ai Wayan Yasa, had no information about what was being built on the cliff.
As tensions around the news of the development ran high, a special commission of local officials was sent to the site. They found a coral cliff that had been excavated more than 20 meters deep and turned, as stated in the report, "into a flat and spacious area."
Photo: Nusa Bali
The site offers an ocean view.
Moreover, an access road over four meters wide has been built to the location.
However, the inspectors did not find any builders present. No active work was being carried out at the time of the officials' visit.
To clarify the situation, the leaders of Nusa Penida are now trying to contact the project owner.
Photo: Nusa Bali
Be that as it may, continuing the construction of housing with one of the best views in the world will be very problematic. On social media, local residents are outraged:
“After so many years, the divine panorama of Nusa Penida is disappearing, and now we will be looking at someone’s property.”
“This is terrible, only a handful of people with money will enjoy it. Later, when nature gets angry, it’s us who will suffer. Those with money will just run away.”
“Stop destroying Bali ❌👎🏼❌👎🏼❌👎🏼❌👎🏼.”
Coincidence or not, but simultaneously with the discovery of the strange construction, another controversial project was announced in the same area. At the iconic Kelingking Beach.
On the very same viewing platform, offering one of the most Instagrammable views in the world, construction equipment has already been installed, though tourist access is not yet restricted.
Until recently, Nusa Penida, compared to Bali, was simply an island of pristine nature. About 10 years ago, it was not so easy to get here, let alone find modern hotels and a mass influx of tourists. It seems that with civilization and an increasing number of visitors, the island will face its main downside—mindless construction wherever possible.
The construction of a 182-meter glass elevator right on the beach and viewing platforms on the cliffside was announced last year. The project by a Chinese developer shocked many. Both locals and foreigners insisted that such infrastructure would ruin the natural grandeur of Nusa Penida. However, local officials pointed out the potential for local employment and revenue from tourism.
In 2023, the project culminated in a groundbreaking ceremony by the investment company PT Bina Nusa Properti. Since then, project leaders have not released public updates. Journalists only found out that the construction contract requires the workforce to be composed of at least 50% local labor.
From the project, it is also understood that besides the elevator shaft in the cliff, which is 182 meters deep, several viewing platforms and walking paths will be built at different stages down the cliff. The investment cost of the project is 200 billion Indonesian Rupiah. Investors plan to make money from paid tickets for the lift, although the price has not yet been determined. Today, up to 2,000 tourists come daily to see the dinosaur-shaped rock head. However, many do not dare to descend to the beach itself due to the difficult and undeveloped route. Additionally, swimming at this pristine white beach is prohibited as it is one of the most dangerous in the world. Every year, numerous tourists perish from powerful waves that sweep them into the ocean.
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