Installation Of Dental Implants In Bali. Where To Place Implants?

Bali 911 Dental Clinic
+62 812 36280911, +62 361 222445
There are many complaints about Implant Center 911 in Denpasar. Old equipment, poor X-ray machine. Complaints about the clinic's untidy appearance. Complaints about Dr. Indra Gizo.
The impressions for dental prostheses are made in the wrong size, with incorrect bites, and from cheap materials.
Dental prostheses cost $1600.
600,000 rupiah for examination and cleaning.
Some patients complain that the implants had to be repaired later. Some are satisfied with the quality and price. Complaints about the long manufacturing time of crowns and their poor quality, crowns are incorrectly ground, resulting in an improper bite. Crowns come out different lengths, crooked, and with gaps. A patient had a nerve damaged during a filling installation. A patient's filling fell out after 2 weeks. Another patient developed an infection after getting a filling, which led to the removal of two teeth.
Kuta Dental
+62 813 3727 0066, +62 361 764848
In addition to other doctors, there is a very good orthodontist, Syamiyar Adam. She has put braces on many people in Bali. It's better to make an appointment in advance because the clinic has many patients.
They clean the canal, fill it, and build up the tooth with a filling – all for 1,000,000 rupiah.
Dentes Dental Clinic (Klinik Gigi DENTES)
+62 851 0086 0808
Prices are reasonable. Everything is noticeably simpler, but the attitude is welcoming. They don't have their own X-ray machine, so they refer you to a nearby location.
Complex extraction of a molar tooth - 450,000 rupiah (four times cheaper than BIDC). Complete implant (in six months) - 12 million rupiah.
Dentist - Andhika Masno. Leaves a good impression as a specialist, excellent English, open demeanor, professional and respectful attitude, trained in the USA (alongside one of the leading dentists from BIDC).
Appointments are made through the reception.
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