In Bali, 222 inspections were conducted over five days to identify foreign violators

In early November, a wave of inspections swept across Bali. The operational group of the General Immigration Directorate conducted 222 inspections in 43 different locations on the island, including well-known places such as Parq Ubud and Finn's Beach Club. Interestingly, no violations were found anywhere! Safar M. Godam, the director of immigration supervision, attributes this to the increasing awareness of foreigners about visa rules compliance. Those hunting for offenders even issued letters of appreciation for impeccable compliance with government regulations. The operation took place from October 31 to November 3, 2023. Inspectors raced across the entire island from the airport to the city of Singaraja in the north. Checks covered everything: driver's licenses on the roads, passports with visas, work permits for employees of commercial establishments. Among the 60 foreigners who underwent this scrutiny, six had questions raised about them. The reasons varied from not having their driving documents with them to discrepancies between the official address and the actual residence of KITAS holders (a measure to match address data was introduced during the pandemic when remaining foreigners on the island were carefully monitored by regulatory authorities). The island's administration continually raises the bar on visa control issues, evident from the latest actions of immigration services. Inspections in the southern part of the island took place at establishments such as Pullman Bali Legian Beach, Bollywood Masalaz, Queen's of India, Clubmed Bali, Finn's Beach Club, and Rob Peetoom Hair Spa. In Ubud, they checked PARQ Ubud, Yoga Barn, Atman Collection, PT. PERMEN KARET, and the cafe with Slavic cuisine, USHA CAFÉ & BAKERY. In Singaraja, supervision was carried out at LES Village, Guest House Ulami Bali, PT. Edicha, and Green Hills Partners. The raid on foreign businesses ended successfully. To those yet to be inspected, we wish to stay vigilant, be ready for a repetition at any moment, and not take documentary formalities lightly.
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