How to open coconuts? Where to buy a coconut opener?

Photo: harapanrakyat
Certainly, a novice coconut and coconut water enthusiast in Bali may encounter the challenge of opening young coconuts. If you lack skill and a good machete, you may spend a lot of time struggling with the coconut.
It's better to read hacks on how to easily open young coconuts and enjoy the fresh water and flesh.
When buying, you can ask the seller to trim the coconut for you. It's most convenient if the seller trims it from the top (easier to open) and the bottom (so the coconut stands conveniently on the table). Usually, an experienced seller knows how to do it right. Trimming the coconut allows you to open it easily at home with a knife. Just take a sturdy knife, press it so that it goes through the skin. You can easily widen this hole to insert a straw or scoop out the coconut flesh with a spoon.
If home procedures with a knife don't suit you and you want to open coconuts in a more technological and elegant way, look for a coconut opener on Tokopedia using the keyword "alat pembuka kelapa" (coconut opening tool - literally).
There are slightly different models on Tokopedia, but the simplest ones are very affordable. A basic tool for small openings will cost around 15,000 - 30,000 rupees, while a serious set for professional opening will be around 285,000 rupees.
Delivery from Jakarta will take around 2-4 days.
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