Delivery of coconuts and coconut water by regions

We all know about the benefits of coconut water. It cleanses the body of toxins, improves metabolism, normalizes blood pressure, affects the cardiovascular system, and, in general, has a healing effect on the body. For example, if you are poisoned with fish, suddenly feel a rising fever, and your body breaks out in spots - urgently drink coconut water, it will alleviate everything (but ideally, you should consult a doctor).
Coconut water and pulp are also used in cosmetology. If you wash your face with this water and make face masks, you will improve the condition of your skin. And if you search the internet, you will find an almost endless list of the beneficial properties of this large nut.
But getting to the refreshing liquid is not that simple. To do this, you need to climb a palm tree, have a machete, a small axe, or a chopping knife, and possess a bit of physical strength and agility. In principle, it's not difficult to open a coconut if you live in Bali; it's better to master this skill.
Here arises the second question - how to carry a heavy coconut, which weighs several kilograms, especially if you are on a bike and want to buy several of them on a branch.
And for dessert, the third question is how to pour coconut water into a container without spilling half of it.
For these purposes, in Bali, there are many coconut delivery services to your doorstep, and already bottled coconut water.
In the article, there is a list with phone numbers of private suppliers and organizations.
Coconut Delivery Across the Island
The seller may change prices, so for all questions, contact them directly through WhatsApp; everyone responds in English.
1. Coconut and coconut water delivery by areas: Bukit, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 819 9982 8439. Ketut.
- Price for 1 coconut – 10,000 IDR, free delivery for orders of 10 coconuts or more. For orders less than 10 coconuts, delivery is 20,000 IDR. Coconut water – 25,000 IDR/1 liter, free delivery for orders of 4 bottles or more.
2. Coco Delivery, delivery in Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 821 4560 8090. Minimum order of 10 coconuts at the price of 20,000 IDR/1 coconut, free delivery. No coconut water.
3. Retail point in Canggu and delivery (Canggu, Munggu) - Yayat coconut. WhatsApp: +62 856-1004-109, address on Google Maps:
- Prices: Delivery in Canggu: 12,000 IDR/1 coconut. Delivery in Munggu: 13,000 IDR/1 coconut. Minimum order of 5 coconuts.
- Coconut water in a glass bottle – 15,000 IDR/1 liter.
- You can bring your own container to the sales point. In this case, the price of coconut water from 1 coconut is 10,000 IDR (approx. 700 ml).
4. Miss Coco Bali (delivery to Seminyak, Canggu). WhatsApp: +62 817 347 389. Recommended for good delivery service. Quick responses in the chat, delivery from 9:00 to 17:00. Free delivery in Canggu.
- Coconut water – 15,000 IDR/1 bottle (glass) 650 ml. Minimum order of 5 bottles.
- Fresh coconuts from a farm in Tabanan – 10,000 IDR/1 coconut. Minimum order of 5 coconuts.
- Turmeric Jamu 300 ml – 10,000 IDR per bottle.
- Fresh coconut milk – 20,000 IDR – 650 ml. Made to order within 1 hour. Refrigerated, it lasts 1 day, and at room temperature, 2-4 hours. For delivery, it is combined with other items to reach a total of 5 items.
- Coconut flesh – 15,000 IDR/plastic cup.
- They also sell traditionally prepared coconut oil – 35,000 IDR/1 bottle 650 ml; 20,000 IDR/1 bottle 300 grams. Suitable for cooking.
5.Jamu Ratinah Juices Bali. WhatsApp: +62 813 5362 7821. Island-wide delivery of fresh juices, Jamu, and coconut water. Instagram: jamu_ratinah.juices.bali.
- Price for coconut water – 40,000 IDR/1 liter, glass bottle, beautiful packaging. For other menu options and delivery information, check their Instagram or WhatsApp.
6.Coconut delivery (in Seminyak and Canggu). WhatsApp: +62 878 6024 5989.
- Price – 15,000 IDR/1 coconut, minimum order of 10 pieces.
7. Young Coconut. Coconut delivery to areas: Sanur, Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu. WhatsApp: +62 857 3706 9786. Contact: Adi, Facebook 
- Price - 10,000 IDR/1 coconut.
- Free delivery for orders of 10 coconuts or more.
- Flower petals in a package (for the pool and bath) – 15,000 IDR.
8.Coconut water and coconut oil delivery service in Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 831-1410-5080, Made.
- Bottle of coconut water in a glass jar – 35,000 IDR/500 ml.
- Delivery – 15,000 IDR.
- All are poured into glass bottles of 500 and 650 ml. Confirm the delivery time; it used to be every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.
9.Cocoku. Delivery in Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 878 4078 1573.
- Price for 1 coconut - 12,000 IDR.
10. Coconut delivery in Bukit. WhatsApp: +62 812 3637 8838.
- Price – 15,000 IDR/1 coconut, minimum order of 6 pieces.
11.Coconut water delivery to various areas. WhatsApp: +62 878 6258 8173, Wayan. Call, state your location, they'll tell you if they can deliver, and there's a different menu.
12.Coconut delivery in Seminyak and Canggu. WhatsApp: +62 878 6024 5989.
- Price 15,000/1 coconut – minimum order 10 pieces.
- Coconut water – 35,000/1 ml, minimum order – 5 bottles.
13.Coconut delivery, delivery in Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 878 6221 2093.
- Price 10,000/1 coconut, minimum order – 5 pieces, delivery 10,000 IDR.
- Coconut water – 25,000/1 bottle, minimum order – 3 bottles, delivery 10,000 IDR.
14.Coconut water delivery in Canggu and Berawa. WhatsApp: +62 878 5483 3057.
- Price: 10,000 IDR/1 coconut, minimum order from 5 pieces.
- Price for a 650 ml bottle - 15,000 IDR.
- Price: 10,000 IDR/1 coconut, minimum order 5 pieces.
15. Coconut water delivery in Ubud. WhatsApp: +62 895 0966 9999.
- Water in bottles – 25,000 IDR/1 bottle. Minimum order – 5 bottles, free delivery in Ubud.
You can also order coconut water on the Gojek and Grab apps by searching in Indonesian: kelapa (coconut) muda (young) and coconut, or you can ask them to clean the coconut in the comments.
You can also try to arrange with local coconut sellers at the market or the nearest selling point near your place to have them delivered to your home, but for this, you need to know at least the language, preferably English.
Storage Period of Coconuts:
If you keep coconut water open at room temperature or outside, it will sour within a day (faster in the heat), and it can last up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Closed coconuts also spoil, but in about a month. For convenience in opening, they can be trimmed for you, then the storage period will be 2-4 days at room temperature and 7 days in the refrigerator.
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