How to get around the island of Nusa Penida?

If you're planning a trip to Nusa Penida, you're probably considering several options for getting around the island.
By Car with a Driver
If you arrive in Nusa Penida by speedboat, you can hire a driver for your trips around the island. This is convenient as the driver will be familiar with all the nuances of the island. They can help plan the best routes and suggest interesting attractions to visit.
You can find a driver either directly at the port or pre-book through the My Bali Trips operator.
If you've already rented a car in Bali, you might prefer to explore Penida with your own vehicle. In this case, you'll need to take a ferry to get to Penida. The ferry operates only 1-2 times a day, and the schedule often changes, with a relatively long journey.
Consider the unique features of the roads on Nusa Penida. They are not always in good condition. Sometimes, a good asphalt road leading to an attraction suddenly turns into a dirt road. After a kilometer or two, it may become decent again. Some roads have sharp turns and run along cliffs. Drive carefully and check the condition of your car on Bali before the trip.
On Your Own Rented Scooter
The only option to bring your rented scooter to Nusa Penida is to take the ferry, similar to transporting a car. Fast boats do not allow scooters and motorcycles on board. However, if your scooter is well-maintained and in excellent condition, you should feel safe. Check the condition of your scooter on Bali, especially the brakes.
On a Scooter Rented on Nusa Penida
If you want to get to Penida by fast boat, you can rent a scooter right at the port. This is not the best or safest option, as the scooters on Penida endure extreme roads and off-road conditions.
If you decide to rent a scooter, carefully and thoroughly check it at the port. Take it for a short ride, paying close attention to the brakes and tire conditions. If the scooter has brake issues or worn-out tires, do not choose that vehicle.
Renting a scooter can cost around 70,000 rupiahs per day. You may negotiate a discount for renting it for multiple days, but rental services on Penida are usually less willing to bargain.
On Motorbike Taxi
If you're not confident in your driving skills and want to save money, opt for a scooter transfer around the island. This is especially relevant for women who may find it challenging to handle a scooter on rough roads.
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